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Corner Cutter [Visiting Card & Book Heavy Corner Cutter] Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

Corner Cutter [Visiting Card & Book Heavy Corner Cutter] Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

Corner Cutter [Visiting Card & Book Heavy Corner Cutter] Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

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00:00 Intro
00:03 Our Address
00:14 Heavy duty Corner cutter machine
00:29 Weight of this machine
00:35 Blade Radius
00:50 What are the paper you can cut with this machine
01:04 How many paper you can cut with this machine
02:05 Two scales
02:15 Cutting with 90 degree angle
03:00 Build Quality
03:37 Build Quality at the back
04:05 Visiting card cutting
05:13 Quotation Pad cutting
07:15 What are the paper you can cut
08:08 Conclusion


Hello everyone

Welcome to another video of ours we are
from Abhishek Products by S.K. Graphics

and I am Abhishek and this is my

WhatsApp number if you have any
inquiry then you can Whatsapp

me on this number. In today’s
video of this video, we are

are going to talk about

heavy duty corner cutter machine

this heavy duty corner cutter
machine do?

It is clear from the name that
this corner does cutting and it

is heavy duty, the weight of
the machine itself is about

inside this machine R6 i.e.

radio 6 mm blade has been
provided for cutting.

You can see that this is a
blade and its base is below

for cutting.

So what can you do cutting
inside this machine?

We are recommending this
machine from 70gsm to 300 GSM from

70 to 300 GSM is

perfect for paper cutting and
now you would like to ask how

many papers you can cut brother,
inside it you can up 200

Paper of 70gsm can be cut in this

visiting card or the paper of

that time we recommend that you

cutting or I would say that you can do

simultaneously cut 25 visiting cards of 300gsm

it is recommended but if you want to

put more paper in it, more than

more visiting cards, then you
can put it.

In that case, its capacity is
capable of handling up to 50 pages,

so minimum 25 visiting card is

suggested cutting capacity and
if you want to do more, then in

a hurry or if you have an
urgent order.

You can also put up to

So basically the overall look
of the machine is something

like this, two steels are given
on a 90 degree angle on the

front so that when you put the
visiting card inside it, it is

a perfect match.

If you are cutting, then your
cut paper or visiting card or

book or browser, it is also
necessary to have a 90 degree,

but only then you will get that
ability within its quality,

only then the value of its
blade is

You will understand because
suppose this set is a nine

degree space set, but suppose
the paper you have cut is cut

on the 95 degree angle
here or if it is cut, then

your corner

Even if it is deducted, then
when you are cutting nine

degrees of this, then make sure
that you have good cutting

angle of 90 degree.

So let’s talk about the build
quality of this machine now,

what is given in this machine
is the bottom base and this

upper blade, you can replace it
in the future, you can change

if, suppose the blade has
become old, then you can do

this blog.

Can you change?

At this time, when we will
purchase the machine, we are

supplying the R6 blades with this

And I will show you the build
quality behind this machine.

So here you will see that two
big springs are given, a base

is also visible from here,
behind it it has fallen a

standing vertical and a large
radius is given.

The machine is a very basic and
simple machine to provide its

up and down motion and with this
simple action, your corner

cutting is done in a very good
way and the machine is very

heavy duty, the machine has

of about 18 kg

So in this, we just cut and
tell you that we have taken a

glossy lamination.

So when we’re pressing the
machine here

So we are seeing that the
corner is completely cut.

It is a very simple operation,
you can operate the machine

very easily, you do not even
need to give any more power.

It is not necessary that you
cut the corner around the

visiting card, if you are the
customer’s demand or brother,

cut me only in the
opposite or cut the bottom

two corners, then you can also
provide that kind of design in


So in this way, some corners
are cut, adjust something like

this, after the cutting of all
around and the card that is

there, the round corner is
visible to you in this way.

You can see that we have 25 in it.

Visiting card of three hundred
GSM with glossy lamination In

this, we have cut the cut, now
we tell you by cutting a

quotation pad.

One thing is to cut two
quotation parts together to

show you a demo.

So one of the quotation pads,
inside it is hundred GST paper,

sorry seventy gsm’s hundred
papers inside the each quotation

pad, inside this quotation pad,
the total which is currently

being cut inside this machine.

I am sorry I mean to say this

So this is our quotation pad

So we have seen how the
visiting cards are cut, now we

see how we will cut the
quotation pad in it.

We have cut a quotation pad at
this time, inside this one

quotation pad, there is a
hundred 70gsm’s 100 sheets which has

and a thick cardboard

So along with cardboard

If you are making a New Year’s
diary or you are making a new

year’s diary, then suppose you
are a new year’s diary.

If you are creating brochures,
catalogs or making quotation

pads, then you can give the
customer a quotation pad on the

top and a round corner at the

If it emerges, then suppose it
torn the quotation part and

removed it, then there will be
round corners from the bottom

and square corners from the top.

So its look and its appeal are
somewhat different and if you

are making a unique product in
this way to the customer, then

that customer also becomes a
permanent customer for you, he

will not go any where in the
market to make a quotation pad.

If you want to make it, then
everyone else may not be able

to give it a round corner
because not everyone wastes it

in a heavy duty machine like
this, but if you have this

machine then you have the
advantage that you do not even

have a corner only visiting card.

You can cut but you can also
give quotation diaries new york

and brochures, pamphlets by doing
round cutting, then basically

you are adding value for your

In this machine you have at a time

two quotation pad i.e. two hundred

paper 70gsm, which can
cut them together.

The alignment of the paper
should be perfect when you cut

inside it while cutting it in
this way.

There are round cuttings in
both books.

On the one hand where the
binding has happened, at this

time we have cut it from that
side to give you an idea.

So here was a basic demo for
this heavy duty corner cutting

machine of ours which can
easily cut up to 100 papers

of 70gsm or 25 papers of 300gsm papers

Thank you, we are with the
graphics of Abhishek Products

and if you want to contact us
then this is our complete

address, we are installed in
Secunderabad and here are given

below on WhatsApp number, you
can leave us your inquiry on

WhatsApp number first WhatsApp.

Message, we will completely
satisfy your inquiry from there,

will fully understand your
requirement and give you its

details thank you

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