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The Top Challenges of Starting a Job Work Business and How to Over Come Them Abhishekid.com


The Top Challenges of Starting a Job Work Business and How to Over Come Them Abhishekid.com

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Buy Online – https://abhishekid.com | Starting a printing service or book binding business can be a rewarding work, but it also comes with its own set of challenges & Long Term issues. In this video, we’ll be discussing the common obstacles that businesses in the printing industry may face and offering solutions for overcoming them.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:02 Why to do job work business and what are the difficulties
01:05 Job work with Photoshop and CorelDraw
01:40 specialised skilled work
02:36 How to start Job who are in age 30’s and 40’s
03:40 Computerised job works
04:02 Time flexibility for job works
04:33 Technical ability for job works
04:50 example for Techinical works
06:02 What are the difficulties when doing job works
06:24 Election badge works
06:54 Don’t depend on one work (season works)
07:38 Money Mangement
07:45 Example for money Mangement – Making lanyard job
09:05 Health problems
09:28 Dependency on staff
10:30 Quality mangement
11:50 Step by step price increment
14:05 Conclusion


Hello everyone Jai Jinendra! I am Abhishek and today we are
going to talk about why we should do business and what are
the problems of this business?
What is suffering, what is pain as well as how much profit or
money is made in it?
I understand that most of you are male or gents and you work
from your home, office or anywhere else and now you want
to have a side business or you start a small job work.
Along with the job or with your main business so that your
expenses can improve well, get out and some more income in
your free time, in free time or at the same time with the extra
business that is going on.
Let’s start a little job so that a little you know extra
will continue, one work is going to discuss about that,
then see the business of job work or some people say side
It is going on side, like it is said in Hyderabadi language,
then the work that is going on in the side is
Suppose you are a master of Photoshop or you know Photoshop,
or do you want to learn or are you young?
College boys, if you learn, then you can do this kind of
work well with Photoshop or CorelDraw, you can do many
different things like logo designing, website designing,
catalog designing and designing, then printing.
If the work starts and printing is done, then its delivery and
dispatching work will also be added to you, then it is also a
good job, but before starting the work, you should have a
specialized skill or talent or something.
Just like someone who knows math well, he will write math
formulas who do well in Photoshop and Coreldraw, he
will do Photoshop and Coreldraw and if a man who knows the work
of wedding cards well, he will do the work of die making.
It is good or is the finishing of a binding cutting good or
gum labeling is good or using the machine like plot offset,
screen printing is done.
Die punching
Or if anyone knows how to use different types of machines
very well, then can start a small side business of that
machine or what he can start well?
But the most common that I have seen is that specialized skills
are very important, you should know one thing very well.
Or drawing, crafting, imagining done, creativity has been done,
who can create 2,2 to 5, even if you become talented with
your creativity, then you have to show a little creativity to
that level, then you have to show a little creativity to do
can do
In many people, as I have seen, they have checked their 30
crosses, crossed the age of 40, they do not have creativity in
them, but they have a very sharp mind inside them, they
are not able to work themselves but they can get others to work
Because they have good cheap labor or some identity from
which they can find their makeshifter, then whatever you
are doing, then the edge of your makeshifter should be fast,
you should know how to do your work quickly as well as you
If you want others to get your work done quickly, then you
will not be able to do a good, successful, beautiful center or
those who can do the side business of the house
It will not be fun, it will not happen easily, you will be very
upset in this way you will have different fields, in the future
I will show you some machines inside this video if you want
to do such a job or side.
If you want to do business or want to do something different,
then this kind of machine will be useful for you, I will give
you a separate address later, no problem.
Secondly, if you do computerized work like website
designing, some do browser banner work or if you are
dependent on job time, then your job is dependent.
There are workers, they are flexible, sometimes you can
work sitting at home, many times you will make others work
sitting on the phone or you do not necessarily have to come to
the office every day and work. Maybe you have one night.
Sit and rest for the whole work the next day or go for a walk
somewhere, then in this way you do not get the flexibility of
time in the work of Johar, in the future your disease will
also be created, but you are getting flexible time for
starting, due to which
Because you can offer a job along with your school, college.
This is your benefit at an early age, later if your
disease becomes, then they will discuss the other further.
You should have technical ability without technical
It is a little difficult in the business of doing a job work,
that means i am not talking about my connected business,
there are many other businesses, I am also talking about them
See suppose you are making an ID card from AP film
Your printer is damaged here.
Or did your lamiantion machine malfunction or do you have a
problem at home?
So here if you think that brother I will call the company,
they will give me that warranty, will they come and solve my
So keep thinking because when you are doing the jobwork, you
have to give delivery on time, you will have to develop a
little technical ability inside you gradually, you have to have
knowledge that let’s get the printer damaged, then I google
it a little like this.
Do I set it up like this or suppose this is my lamination
machine or is there a binding machine?
There is a calendar making machine, there is no equal
calendar in it, why is it not being made?
You ask yourself questions, keep looking at the machine and
thinking, some here and there, it is important to have a
little technical knowledge, without that you will become
very dependent, less technically in another company
or service center and your work will be stuck in the machine to
The machine will be ready, but it will be done after 15 days
after a week, by then your customer will wait, what will
not be done, then it is also important to have some
technical knowledge to run the work successfully or to run any
side business.
Now let’s talk about it.
What is the difficulties?
If you are running a job work business or running a side
business, then there are some things that you have to take
care of, without that you will have a lot of problems, there
will be a lot of problems, the first is you more on a single
Don’t want to make a dependent, suppose you are doing the
election badge works, as you see these election badges are
made in these machines.
You are doing the work of election badges and what has
You got the order, make 10,000 badges of election, brother,
then you made 10,000 badges, within two to three days, you
killed the whole night out.
Then that election did not come, what will you do till the next
one year and the same was your main customer till then you did
not have any other customer, so if you sit idle, then you will
be more dependent in one particular segment or in one
particular place.
You don’t have to stay connected, you have to keep
your different customers connected, whether it is small
or big, even if they give you a bagage of ten pieces, give ten
thousand pieces of baggage, but if you stay connected with
everyone, then you will survive, otherwise what will happen when
the season will come.
Maximum orders which are some days of the year are months
when money comes because there is a season going on like the
monsoon season, if it rains more, then there is a season in
the business as well.
When it comes, it tells him season.
And every year in a particular month, different times come in
different businesses, so your business and you will go only
then, what will you do the rest of the time?
If you have that, then you should not keep too much
dependence on one client, second money management is very
important, when you are doing your work, then accept it, I
will explain with the example.
Suppose you are creating lanyard, see what the lanyard
machine looks like
This is lanyard machine, okay, with this lanyard machine?
Making lanyard of ID card of such multi color
And the customer has told you that we will pay you after
delivery and if you fill yes then you will get into trouble.
You did not take advance from the customer and the customer
turned away in the moment.
So you will have a big problem because who will wear the cord
after printing it?
Will wear it where the event is
So you should come well with money management like you have
to take advance from the customer, do not work without
advance, it can be my opinion that you have a very good
customer, that thing is different, but money management
is important or assume many.
Once you got an order suddenly, some order of 10,000 or 20,000
some order to make something like another lead frame, then
if you have cash, then you will buy the goods only then by
printing it further.
You will give it to the customer but you do not have
cash and the customer is not ready to give advance or he has
given ten percent advance, the remaining 90 percent you have
to buy goods by putting it, so your cash management should
also be strong, only then your business is what is above.
will run away
Secondly, when you are young, you can do decent work, you
will not get tired, easily, but it will happen slowly that by
getting up early and sleeping slowly, your health will be bad,
so that your productivity will be low and you will start
getting out very soon.
You should also take good care of your health when you are
doing a job offer business.
Secondly, dependency on staff, many times we think that we
already have one or two or four people, those people are
working, we do not need to take so much tension, so just take
orders because many times our business is set up.
Think like this, but sometimes what happens that time is very
important in the work , you have given the answer that if
you get the goods at 12 o’clock, then you have to give in time
not delay it more than that, many times there are such
customers, they are your life.
They make it haram
I have done it, give the animal, I can speak like this because
there are such people, they harass me intentionally, the
customer also does something in the last month of the
will start talking something, so the only way to deal with
such a customer is that as dependent as you are with staff
to staff, you will be as dependent in yourself that
tomorrow if the staff is absent, come late, get married early or
It’s a child, he died, look at some excuses like this, the
staff will leave, but you will get stuck with the customer,
then in such a case you should also know how to work yourself,
you should also be dependent on yourself, not directly
dependent on the staff.
Lastly, it is very important to grow the business by
maintaining quality inside jobwork, what is it?
Suppose you have received an order for spiral binding, then
you took electric spiral binding or you took manual
spiral binding and you took the order from the customer that
sir, I will make a good spelling of yours, I have been
making you for so many years, now you have been making a
hundred every day.
50. 30, 40 books are coming, you are using a manual machine
for binding or using electric, you are getting tired, you have
to cut a little more and you are tired, that means if you
start working a little, then what will happen to it?
Your quality has decreased, your band on this
The specialty of the book will make your incredible book, that
ability of yours will be less because if you start making too
many books, then what will happen to it?
The customer will gradually think that he can not make this
quality, he does not have this machine, he does not have it,
it does not work properly, that customer will forget all this,
how many strong books you had made before that, that bus.
All you will remember is that what will happen if you do not
give so much good now?
Then what will happen if that customer either places a lower
order from you or goes somewhere else for a few days?
If you work as hard as you put it up, then you are going down
a little or back up, then that thing should also be in control
that you have to gradually upgrade your rating as you are
doing job housework.
You have made Rs.100 for book in year 2022
He made a book.
So next year you try to sell the same book for Rs.105?
Or sold for Rs.110
Only then will you be able to survive in the market,
otherwise what is the habit of people?
They need cheaper every year.
Today, once they got an order of ten to ten years or an order
of twenty, then the next day they needed a ten percent
discount or fifteen percent discount, but they did not know
that inflation had also increased by five to six
percent, so your efforts should be this.
You should gradually increase the rate of your job work
What will happen is that the good customers who are very
good customers who you have a lot of quality will stay with
you and the customer who just wants cheap, cheap, cheap will
gradually leave you so that your business will be reduced,
this is my opinion according to you.
Think for yourself, you should not do it.
Because you are maintaining quality and inflation is also
increasing, then you have to increase the rate gradually.
So if you gradually increase such a rate, you will also
maintain the quality, then the customer who is connected will
always be connected.
This year you have 10 customers associated with you, next year
20 will join, 30 will join next year and in such a situation,
within 10 years you will have so many customers that they
will not be able to see you because they understand that if
you want quality then you will have to pay money.
If you want only cheap and good, then you will not get it, this
means common thing, if you also go today.
So if you are getting everything cheaply, then
somewhere it is being hit by quality, you just do not know
that the day the problem comes, you will know that this is my
opinion, maybe I am wrong with your customer, your market is
The world will be different, it is my opinion it is possible
that I am wrong and even winning, I told you inside the
video, all these points may be wrong, many points are correct,
this is just my opinion, on the basis of this you can do yours.
Don’t take any big financial, it was a small disclaimer
If you like i Hope and if you are looking to develop a new
side business, job work or a different source of income side,
then you can visit our showroom.
This is a side business expo, in a way, 365 days are spent on
Sunday holiday.
Let’s see, visit
Take knowledge, give us a chance, give us business too
And thank you for watching video, I am Abhishek Jain
With Abhishek Products SK Graphics We are in this
business from 32 years, from 32 years
And we are stituated in Hyderabad
Paradise Biryani is a famous one here near by is our office,
so whenever you come to Hyderabad, eat biryani and
Visit us and thank you for watching videos
See you in the next one.

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