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2 Side MultiColor Lanyard Printing Machine ID Card Lanyard Tag Printing Machine


2 Side MultiColor Lanyard Printing Machine ID Card Lanyard Tag Printing Machine

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Whatapp Us – | Lanyard Printing Machine, a manually operated  Sublimation Heat Press Lanyard roll-to-roll printer that is highly versatile  and perfect for printing all kinds and sizes of lanyards. With pin block  clamping and a heavy-duty frame, this machine is built to last and provide  perfect registration for all sizes of lanyards. The spring system ensures  easy operation and less maintenance, while the sturdy design and power  coating ensure durability. With a production capacity of 3500 and a packaging  detail of wooden packing, this multi-color lanyard printing machine is both  economical and efficient, with every operation taking just 45  seconds.


00:00  Intro
00:04 Multicolour Lanyard printing machine
00:36 Roll  fitting
01:30 Technical details
01:40 different types of  die
02:05 How many tag you can put in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm  die
02:22 stand
02:32 Meters and timer
02:25 3  Phase electricity is compulsory
03:30 Pressure knobs and rotaing  handle
04:30 Sublimation paper roll
04:44 How to put the  sublimation paper
05:15 output after printing
05:45 time to  heat and print
05:58 Benefit of this machine
06:50  Alingment of the tags
07:17 stand
07:30 compact  size
08:30 sampling is compulsory for big orders
09:30  Colour matching
10:43 shop in small town
11:25  Disadvantages
12:37 What are the supporting machines  needed
12:48 Sulimation roll and inks
13:00 tag cutting  machine and joining machine
13:03 tag fitting machine
13:17  ID card joints and hooks
13:40 Plastic fittings and  hooks
14:03 Inkjet printer
14:30 Showroom
15:06  Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome  to
Abhishek Products, I am

Abhishek and this is  the Multi
Colour tag printing machine

Latest  Edition 2023 Inside this
machine we have given  you

double bed sheet in processes
so that your ID  card tag i.e.

lanyard double side can be
pressed  simultaneously

This is the same
press machine for  printing, if

you want, you can also call it
as  sublimation printing machine,

we have done it with  heavy-duty,
semi-automatic and lots  of


Watch this video till the  end
to know the full details about

this  machine.

So first of all here you can
note the  rolls of 12mm, 16mm

and 20mm satin rolls,  which
looks like this

we give you standard  100-meter
roll packing and also give them

inside  a plastic packing to
control moisture, so that  you

can store or stock it for years.

if  you want

Here you will load all  the

pull them forward in this
machine. After  pulling, here we

have given your roller and on
On  the top there is an adjustable

knob, through which you  can
move this machine forward  and


You can roll it backwards  this
side, so that it moves forward,

when it is  rolled and you can
put a new sublimation paper  and

print on it.

Now let’s talk about  the
technical details of this


So  inside this machine, we have
given you 12×40 inch bed  on

which we have also given you
the die system,  in the left hand

side and on the right-hand  side,
at this time I have loaded 20mm

die and  there are 30 slots
inside it.

You can load 13  satin rolls at
a time here

it very easy to remove  this
screw and it very easy to

change the die  here we have put

this, you can put 13 tags  in

put 16 tags and 21 tags in  12mm


One Rolls at  Once

With this heavy-duty machine,
we give you a  four-leg stand

which is made of heavy-duty
from  stainless steel and it is

attached to the framing panel  of
the machine with screws, to

operate the  machine there are two
meters on the left side  and

one meter on the right side,
you get  temperature control on

the left for the upper bed  and
the lower bed and on the right

hand side  is

the timer meter, we get on/off
switch at the  back side, if you

find this on-and-off switch  a
little different, that’s

because the  three-phase
electricity system inside  this

machine is compulsory.

In our  normal homes that switch
things look something like  this

Here this switch is a single
face but to  operate this

machine you need a  three-phase
electricity switch which is a

little  costly and you have to
upgrade the wiring of  your

house or the wiring of  your

In 3-phase electricity, by
Electricity  Board

On the right-hand side of the
machine, we  have given pressure

knobs on the top and  rotating
handle at the bottom, if you

rotate this  handle, if the
pressure is correct then you

will  be able to rotate this
handle easily and when  rotated,

this tag moves forward.

In  this way, the tag will move
forward like this after printing.

left  and right side die keeps
the entire rope tight so  that

the paper on the bottom and
paper on the top  can come easily.

The tag is not touching  the
floor, it is in the air because

it has been  pulled tight by
giving tension, we have to

print  in a long size paper to
operate in this machine  through

our rollers,

for that, we have  8inch and

you can put in a stand and
print with  an inkjet

sublimation printer

slided  down like this, and

another paper on top of  it.
When you press this paper, you

will take care  of the alignment
with experience, you  will

understand more

You will get to  learn and then
you will hold this handle  with

both hands and lower it so that
it will  become your heat press

and the tag will be  printed
through the press

After printing, you  will get
output like this of front and

back  multi-colour printing.

Whether it is 12mm, 16mm  or

printed a single gradient, in
any case you  will get the

output in the same way so this
was  the technical details of

this  machine

Some special benefits of  this

switch on the machine at  the
back and give forty-five

minutes to heat the  machine and
when you press the machine, you

have  to give it 45 seconds.

To transfer prints, I will  tell
you some special advantages of

this  machine.

First, because it’s a small,
a compact,  easy design that

allows you to easily fit  inside
your office workspace or  a


Secondly, inside this  machine,
you have been given a heating

the belt  on both the top and bottom,
so that you can print  the

multicolour tag especially on
both the front  and back

simultaneously, which saves
your time  because it has a

semi-automatic procedure inside

You  can rotate the tag and the
tablet after setting  and

handling, which you can pull
the tag  together, by creating a

stress level, it also  saves
your labour cost, because

repeated  alignment wastes time,
here when the hundred-meter  roll

are stretching the roll of
hundred meters  together, one of

your technical staff has to put
the  alignment once for every

hundred meters  rolls

If you put it, you have to
spend your time  and energy

within every ten to  fifteen

The third advantage is  with
this machine stand is

provided, which is  set
according to the height of a

general man, so  his waist, back
or inclination is also limited

to  the neck

Fourth benefit

Because it is  of compact size
and because we have prepared  it

within a low budget, if you
turn it on, if you  purchase it

yourself, then your customers
service  time is improved, at

this time it is a trend in  the
general market.

This is that you go to  the
school with orders from them,

after that, you  are a big job
worker or there is a big

printing  press i.e. there is a
sublimation press, you dump  the

order or brother you make it.

Will  you give and say this is
my design

During that  time, the person
himself is also busy and  he

takes 5 days, 7 days, 10 days
to deliver the  order to you and

during this entire processor  it
gets delayed many times if the

ID card season  is running at
its peak such as June,  July,

August, September.

During this  time, there are
many orders for ID cards,  so

those people are also busy and
your orders are  delayed, so

that your customer’s payment
will be  delayed, so if you keep

the machine yourself, then  you
can move forward from  that


The next  benefit?

It is mandatory to give a
sample before  placing a big

order to the customer, this is
the  rule of the printing field,

no matter what kind of  printing
it is if you are ordering 10.

rupees,  then it is foolish to

take a risk without giving  a

it is foolish to give an  order
without sample especially big

order, when  you have your own
machine, you can give a  sample

production, many types of
samples together  for a customer,

while if you do a job and have
a  job worker.

If you go to the job worker,
then  that person does not have

the time to entertain you  and
keep printing samples for you

again and  again, we wanted red
colour, this cream sun red has

come,  this maroon red has come
or some other kind of  colour

The customer says we do not
want this kind  of quality, such

a customer says, but that  thing
you have to understand this

thing to your  job worker who is
doing lots of tags per day,  so

in this case, if you have to do
sampling, then  having

your machine is the  best

Now at this time, I will  show
you the next benefit.

in sublimation  colour
consistency, colour matching

inside the  sublimation

is the biggest  challenge

Whether it is a big printer or
a small  printer, whether you

have a big press, you  have
spent millions of rupees, even

then your  machine will not get
colour consistency and this is

trial  and error and you will
get this from  different

settings again and  again.

then only the colour consistency of
the  submission matches

This is true for a large
machine  and also for a small 5

in 1 machine, so when you  have
your sublimation printer,

you have your  press, then
at the time of sampling and at

the  time of production, you can
do the colour  consistency

You can do this work yourself,
you  can not expect a job worker

because he is working for  you
in a very limited margin,

working in limited  time and he
is not sitting on his own to do

your  work.

Ten more staff are engaged in
labour, who  are not so educated

or not so intelligent that  they
pay so much attention to your

order, then  this was some
general business benefits.

If you  see in finance or
economic point of view, if  you

are in a small district like
Beed, Gul Barga  Ho Gaya or

Karnataka or Hubli in some way,
then  there is no big job

workers there,  because

There is an investment of a few
lakhs,  there is an investment

of many lakhs of rupees,  in
this machine too, you are going

to invest only  a few lahks
rupees, but nothing will be

installed  at a high level, so
if you have your machine  in

your district, then that

Local area  orders will also
come to you because people  want

fast service and people have
more trust in  the local person,

while the default is  always
like this, so all these are the

benefits  of purchasing this

Now we will talk  about some
disadvantages of this machine

or bad  think about this
a machine that prevents you to buy

this  machine.

Along with telling the benefits,
my job  is also to tell you why

you should not buy this  machine
or what are the problems inside

this  machine?

Problem number one

If the  machine is a little
costly, then it will not  be

possible for everyone to use it
or purchase  it.

Problem number two

To use the  machine, you must
have done a little  business

before this, if you are a new
person,  your day 1, the year is

number 1 and you want  to
purchase this machine, then I

would say that  you come to the year
number 3, don’t come to me  now.

To purchase this machine

Thirdly,  when you come to the
the third year of running  your

business, when you purchase
this machine,  you will have

enough technical knowledge, in
off  a mental piece and you will

know what is trending in  the
market, what is design and so on.

And in the  third year, you will
have to audition whether  you

can run this machine in
three-phase  electricity,

So this was a disadvantage of
this  machine, now we talk about

what other supporting  machine
Do you need this machine?

To create an id  card tag

To make a card tag, you will
need a  sublimation roll stand,

as well as a sublimation  ink
that is of good quality, good

grade, as well  as you will need
a tag-cutting machine or a  tag

fitting, machine,

Tag Fitting  Machine Let me tell
you at this time how it looks,

it  is a tag-fitting machine.

So here are the joints of the  ID
card is pressed

The ID card is joint, the  joint
of the ID card looks like something

like  this

These are 12mm, 16mm and 20mm
joint of the  ID card, twenty mm

in sixteen, in the same  way
there are some hooks inside the

ID card tag,  they are liver
hook, fish hook, and there are

different  accessories you have

this is the 90% of the  market
and the other 10% of the market  are

plastic bush and plastic joints
there are  some back clips or

your two-part joints are  also
like this.

So these are also  different
types of fittings, these are

also  running a lot in the
the market nowadays, if  the

customer is given different
trends, then he  is connected to

you in different ways,  these
machines you will need to

create id card  tags, as well as

you will need one printer

which  is Epson 1800 you can
Also, buy an Epson 1300 I  recommend

of ink

Along with this, you  will need
a good knowledge of Photoshop

and  CorelDraw for at least a year
or two

So this was  the machine and
this is our showroom and I  am

Abhishek and this is the
startup showroom of  Abhishek

Products, which we have
designed it with  great love for

many years have made a lot  of
changes, have explored that you

guys come here  free of cost

What kind of machines are  there,
what kind of business you can

do or how  you can do your
existing work

There is no charge  for it, you
can see any machine, you can

use it,  you can clean it, there
is no charge for it and if  you

like our hard work, then like,
share and  subscribe to our

video and order from  us.

on, or you
can visit  Secunderabad or

you keep us in touch  through
WhatsApp, whose link you will

find inside  the discussion
below and inside the comment,

yet  if there is any problem,
then leave a common, we  will

get time as soon as we get  time.

We will send you the contact
through our  WhatsApp number

even within  minutes.

Thank you

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