2 Side MultiColor Lanyard Printing Machine ID Card Lanyard Tag Printing Machine AbhishekID.com

Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/3trw5 Lanyard Printing Machine, a manually operated Sublimation Heat Press Lanyard roll-to-roll printer that is highly versatile and perfect for printing all kinds and sizes of lanyards. With pin block clamping and a heavy-duty frame, this machine is built to last and provide perfect registration for all sizes of lanyards. The spring system ensures easy operation and less maintenance, while the sturdy design and power coating ensure durability. With a production capacity of 3500 and a packaging detail of wooden packing, this multi-color lanyard printing machine is both economical and efficient, with every operation taking just 45 seconds.

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How To Make Best ID Card Tag, Lanyards – Simple Machine – Low Investment Buy @ Abhishekid.com

Buy Here – https://abhsk.com/163 Learn how to make ID card tag/lanyard/Neck Strap. Start earning from home with very low investment. See different type of of ID Card Tags (Lanyards) , Hook and Holder types. there are several types ID cards tags available like Institution ID Card Lanyards , Corporate ID Cards Lanyards Event Tags for more details watch entire video.

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