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How To Make Best ID Card Tag, Lanyards – Simple Machine – Low Investment Buy @

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How To Make Best ID Card Tag, Lanyards – Simple Machine – Low Investment Buy @

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Buy Here – | Learn how to make ID card tag/lanyard/Neck Strap. Start earning from home with very low investment. See different type of of ID Card Tags (Lanyards) , Hook and Holder types. there are several types ID cards tags available like Institution ID Card Lanyards , Corporate ID Cards Lanyards Event Tags for  more details watch entire video.


00:00 Intro
00:03 How to make ID card tag
00:17 Machines required for making ID card tag
00:44 Demo of how to make ID card tag
00:50 Electric heat cutting/joining machine
01:16 how to cut the lanyard or rope
02:27 Bulk lanyard cutting method
03:54 How to use heavy duty joining machine
04:25 Demo of joining the lanyard
05:13 joining the lanyard with heating machine
07:05 Joining with heavy duty machine
08:32 Die you can fit in the heavy duty machine
09:02 How to change the Die
11:12 different types of raw materials
13:13 different types of joints and hooks
15:14 different types of hooks
16:30 Plastic fittings and hooks
16:54 different types of plastic raw materials
17:08 keychain rings
17:20 horse hooks or full fitting
17:34 Stiching joint
17:58 Direct fitting
18:44 Other machines
19:08 Satin Rolls
19:14 Sublimation rolls
19:28 Inkjet PVC sheet
19:35 Binding machines
19:43 Direct PVC card printer
19:48 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products Today we are

going to talk about how to make
id card tag, what raw material

is used for it and what
machinery is required and how

you can get 12mm 16mm and 20mm

ID card tags easily

You will need some machine to
make ID card tag or lanyard or

cord, you have to use ID card
tag cutting machine first, then

you need a heavy duty joint
machine, which comes in three

variants 12mm, 16mm and 20mm.

You will have to use some raw
material with that, such as

joint ID, card hook and ID card
rolls. Now I will show you a

small demo how the whole
process is done

First of all, we have to turn
on our electric heat cutting

machine, as soon as the machine
is turned on, there is a red

light here, there are two
temperature controls inside the

machine, one high temperature,
one low temperature, the way

the machine is heating, these
are the blades.

become red, don’t touch the
blade, If you touch it, your

hands will burn, cut off, blood
will start coming, so you

should maintain a little safety,
now I will tell you how to cut

the ID card tag

First of all, you can take a
sleeve roll, which is of

polyester material, even if you
can take a cotton tagalso, like

this keep in the table and keep
the machine near by you

Start cutting the tags like

As soon as the tag touches on
it, it cuts it easily

In this way you can comfortably
cut about 19,000 to 20,000

strings in a day and
comfortably work for its fitting

If you want, you can also use
scissors for cutting, but what

is the problem, when you cut it,
its finishing comes in this way,

in this way its threads are
coming out, but when you cut it

with the machine, its finishing
is good

the edges are automatically
sealed, but when you cut with

scissors, its threads are not
completely sealed, due to which

the finishing of the tags
decreases, now I will tell you

how to do bulk cutting.

In this way, 3 bundles, 4
bundles or 6 bundles gather all

at one end and cut all of them
at the bottom, putting the tags

on the table

Stop the path of the pen and
cut the machine here and you

can easily cut the whole tag
very easily and very cleanly.

We are using 3 rolls here at a
time, if can also use 10 rolls

at a time

By putting together whatever
bulk work you have, you can

work together, you can make
different distance sizes such

as 13 inches, 17 inches 20
inches, the big rope has to be

cut for the big man, and the
small rope will have to be cut

for the small person.

You can cut any kind of rope,
whether it is satin, polyester,

flat rope, double tube sleeve
is white, any kind of rope,

nylon, polyster or China tag,
you can easily cut it,

so this was little demo to
shows you how to cut your rope?

As soon as the machine is done,
you have to switch it off from


And after that I have to press
the off button once on it here

We will use this machine one
more time later, the machine

you are using to cut the rope
is also used to connect our

ropes, while the machine will
also be useful for connecting

your ropes. Watch the video
till the end to understand this

topic. Now

I am going to tell you how to
use heavy duty joint machine?

This is a heavy duty joint
machine because it connects the

cut cord into a circle, it is
pressed in this way and with it

we have three options whether
you distance them in 12mm, 16mm

or 20mm

Or whether you make a 20 mm rope

What ever the material be

the rope like polyester, satin,
cotton, nylon the process of

cutting the rope is same and
the procedure for joining the

rope is also the same, now I
will tell you by making a rope


We will take any one of our
rope and if our rope is 12 mm,

then we will take our normal 12
mm ordinary hook which looks

like this

And we will take a joint of
ours that looks like this, both

are 12 mm size, two are 12 mm

After putting the rope inside
the joint, take it right into

the center.

In this way, the rope will come
to the center and after that

you have to join the rope

Hold both corners of the rope
after putting the joints

After catching the connie you
have to take both corners

around the heat machine.

You have to save your hand,
just warm the rope a little and

press it in this way and the
string will be combined in this

way, in the same way you have
to joint all your ropes

Now we have to make it
permanent after putting it

inside the joint machine.

I will tell you after making
two more tags

Whenever you are joining, the
rope should be straight, there

should be no fold inside it,
you have to take the rope

straight, suppose you have
taken the rope, when you are

joining, the rope was turned in
such a way that the rope was

turned inside it, in this way
you have to take it inside.

There was a twist and when you
fit inside it, the twist will

come even within the entire
rope, so when you are making a

rope you will start make in
this way, the rope must be very

straight when joining, then you
get a good finish.

One more time I will tell you
that when you are fitting,

straighten the rope in such a
way, there should be any twist

inside it,

Properly fit it, warm it up and
fit it here

It is a little hot, we have to
press with our hands, otherwise

we will not be able to work,
now we have to tighten this

hook and this joint.

The machine is very hot, switch
off the machine at regular

intervel machine for your
saftey, the machine is still

very hot, we have to leave it
in the off position for at

least ten minutes, do not put
our hands around its blade and

next is our option.

We have heavy duty machines.

use heavy duty machine to join
the hook, take black color

joint, from where we connected
it, take the joint it, put the


After inserting the joint, we
will fit it inside our machine.

Press the joint a little so
that the joint get some grip,

then inserted inside the machine.

After putting inside the
machine in this way, the

machine has to be pressed with
your hands.

In this way, when you press,
this joint will be done easily,

maybe when you are doing it,
you are not able to put all

your strength together, then
hit the machine two or three


If you hit once, then good
finishing will come, if you are

not able to hit then if you hit
two or three times, then the

finishing will be a little less,
but the work will still be done

there is no problem.

This way it’s a great fitting.
This way our rope is ready no

matter what the method,
whatever the rope is

come in the future or whatever

the fabric like polyester,
satin, China satin, or cotton

rope, you have to keep this way,
this will be maintained, the

first you have to cut the rope
by heating, then the rope has

to be burnt and joint

by addin the hook and then you
have to fit it inside the

machine, now in this machine
fits a 12mm rope inside and

also 16mm and 20mm i.e. 20mm
rope also fits.

You don’t have to do anything,
just grab it from here with a

cutting plier or any other tool
and loose it from the top and

bottom and these are our bits,
they have to be fitted up and

down and it is always set from
the set.

If you want, you can also
purchase the set from us


Let me tell you one fitting how
to remove 12mm, 16mm and 20mi

and how to remove and fit the
new die

I am giving another safety tip

when you are not using the
machine, then you can use cover

the machine like this

Keep it covered, the safety of
you and the people around you

will be safe, take any small
cartoon and cover it in this way.

just take the spanner and losen
the bit and the upper die bit

opens as easily. it is in this
way, just by hand you can open

this way.

And when you are putting a new
die, then put it in the same way

Fix it like screw system

No matter which die you take,

may come in the future, you may
take any die

the procedure is the same

And when fitting the bottom,
put the top die in such a way

and as soon as you feel that
yes it is perfectly fitted,

tight the screw slightly and
keep the handle

Press down so that its position
is fixed

It is a very simple way, you
can do it very easily without

even looking at it, it is not a
very complicated method, in

this way, when you press it
from above, you will get

confidence that yes, it has fit
perfectly and this is a very

simple way.

One is our tag cutting machine
and another one is tag joining

machine, which is in the same
machine, the other is tag

fitting machine, joint machine
which is used to fix joints

There is a lot of raw material
inside, the most common and

normal is this is the sleeve
rope, it is also called tube

rope and on top of it, the
normal ordinary joint is fitted

this is a metal sheet, some
people call it a notch.

This is called joint.

Some people also call it a
metal part, so it is just a

joint and at the bottom you can
put a clip or hook on it and

put both of them together,
whatever method you want.

Yes, the machine will remain
the same, after that comes the

normal our Indian satin
material, which is an Indian


This item is very bright, on
top of it is the 12mm ordinary

joint, you can also put a
special joint, it will improve

the quality and here you can
add an ordinary hook or

something else like this.

liver hook or like this fish
hook, we have different sizes

inside liver hook and fish hook

and 20mm has diffrent size

So you can make this
combination in any color of any

kind and this is our premium
satin, this is our premium

satin, which comes in matte
finish, this is also made in

India manufacured products

here on 20mm tag we have used

for 12mm tag you have to use

as the size of the tag you much
use the same size raw material

to joint, in the liver hook
also has qualities

there are also qualities inside
the liver hooks, this is the

joint, there are also qualities
inside it, this is the crope,

there are also qualities inside
it and there are many colors

inside the ropes, so there is a
complete multiplier like this.

Off options and if you also
work as a multi-color tag, then

the processor is also same for

And this way you can make it

Now I give you ideas about
different types of joints and

different types of hooks

Basically inside the joints, we
have two varieties and three

sizes inside in them two

One is the Ordinary Joint,
which looks like this, which we

also supply ordinary joint
within 12mm, where there is

more competition, where cheaper
product is required, if the

school budget is less, then we
use these teeth joint

You are seeing the material,
which has teeth inside the

joint , we call it as ordinary
and this metal is very easily

organized, see it is being
presented very easily.

Right and the same is ours next
joint, which is zinc coated


This is zinc coated joint it is
made of stainless steel and it

is not easy to press, even if
you put a lot of effort, you

can not press it easily.

Because it is very strong and
when you put it in the joint

machine, it presses properly
and there are no teeth inside

it, because it does not have
teeth inside, then its

finishing is very good and it
doesn’t bend easily

Once you fix it inside the
joint machine, it holds the

rope well, there are two
varieties inside the joint, one

is ordinary and one is
stainless steel or special


ordinary joint will start
catching a little rust inside

it, or start getting a little
brownish, it will become 100%

if there is a lot of rainy
season around you or there is a

beach around you like
Visakhapatnam area or there is

an area like Goa, Bombay.

If the river and humidity are
high, then there is a lot of

corrosion, so we tell all that
customers to buy stainless

steel and it has zinc coating
on it gives a good metallic

finish and the rust will not
catch quickly.

so this was about joints in the
same way, now let’s talk about

the hooks.

We have a lot of variety even
inside the hooks.

twisted hook

Then this is

Liver Hook

Some people also call it a dog
hook, then this is fish hook,

some people also call it crane
hook, because, it looks like a

crane, then there will be three
varieties inside the hooks

under the special category
category and if the competition

is high, if you want cheaper,
then it is ordinary hook.

These ordinary hooks mean that
there are such ropes of three

rupees, two rupees, they have
to be supplied in that range,

so for them we give it such a
cheap hook, if you want quality,

then we give it a twist hook
and who need a little more

quality and professional look.

we give liver for them and IT
companies are there, then they

want very high finishing goods,
then we give them a chrome

coated fish hook, in the fish
hook also there are many


This is because IT companies
use more, so they keep the

highest quality goods and there
is a lot more high finish in it.

What a good reflection is

So this is the product and the
video I told you today was a

demo of the entire metal
fittings and metal hooks and

there is an even bigger range
of plastic fittings and plastic

hooks, there is a separate
machine for this and a separate

video will be made for it.

And soon I will also make that
video and give it to you,

nowadays there is a lot of
trend of plastic hook, but the

wholesale market of metal hook
metal joint is high, in this

way we have different types of
plastic hooks.

central joints and three parts
joint, 12mm U turn, plain hooks,

plastic hooks and nylon tags.
We have sticker clips, metal


In this way, we also have a key
chain ring is also being used

nowadays, for replacement of ID
card hooks and in the same way

plastic, what do they say?

Is it plastic hooks

We have horse hook or full
fitting, in which there is no

need to join the rope

Without machines, they are
joined but their strength is

also slightly less.

If you have a little knowledge
in Tayloring, then we have

these stitching hooks, they are
also available in all sizes,

that I am telling you is within

rope is also availble in 12mm,

And it is not necessary that
when you are making a rope like

this, you have to put a twisted
hook or liver hook or fish hook,

if you want, you can also
attach the direct holder, in

this way we have also attached
our direct holder.

It has been attached, so that
the customer is

He can pick up the tag and give
it to his students, who will

not play with any kind of hook
and will not rotate their ID

card quickly, for them the
entire ID card is a single

piece, ID card that we supply
to the companies are different

the rope is different , and the
holder is different, when you

are supplying to the school,
the whole tag is a single piece,

so the children who are a
little careless will not move

this thing and the school also
has the same demand.

This was a small demo of how to
make a ID card tag, what are

the raw material used inside
the ID card and what kind of

fitting machines are used, we
have variants of many more

fitting machines,

Like we also have this
reveating machine, but I will

make a separate video for you
about it, but if you work as an

ID card, then we have many
products for you. we have

button badge machines, papers
cutters, laminators

We have die cutters of
different size in round shap

and rectangel shape, we have
satin, polyster belt of 35mm

The role of the subscription is
satin 12mm,16mm, and 20mm rolls

so that you can make good tags
for your corporate customers.

we have many sheet for making
PVC ID card in inkjet printers

There is more variety of inkjet
sheets and if you work as a

school diary, we have

There are also such binding
machines, spiral binding, that

binding and if you run a CSC
center, then we also have

direct card printers for you,
there is no shortage of

products, there is no shortage
of ideas, you can come to our

showroom anytime which is

Inside Secunderabad and if you
want, you can also join our

Telegram channel or Instagram
channel, where we regularly

provide updates of such
business. Thank you for

watching Abhishek Products by S.

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