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Cut ETO Reel For Autoclave Process for Hospital, Diagnostic Center Buy @ 1

Cut ETO Reel For Autoclave Process for Hospital, Diagnostic Center Buy @

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Buy Here – | Easily Cut ETO Reel For Autoclave Process  used in Hospitals, Diagnostic Center, Medical Process. It Comes In Two  Variants 14 Inch And 24 Inch Both. The Cutters Are Versatile And Follow The  Same Principles Of Cutting The Given Article Using A Rotating Blade Module.  The Cutter Is Made Up Of Hard Steel And Is Capable Of Cutting Plastic Sheets  Paper Sheets Sticker Sheets Of Up To Eight Hundred Micron Thickness. The  Given Cut Is Very Sharp, Very Precise And Has A High Level Of Finishing. It  Cuts Roll, reel, paper to sheet form.


00:00  Intro
00:04 14 inch rotary cutter and 24 inch rotary  cutter
00:09 Cutting ETO reel
00:40 Demo of cutting ETO  reel
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02:09  Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome  to
Abhishek Products by S.K.

Graphics Today we  are going to
talk about 24-inch rotary

cutter  14-inch rotary cutter
inside which we will cut  ETO

reel which is used for
autoclave processors,  hospitals

diagnostic center and  medical

We do not supply these  ETO
reels inside the centers, we

are just giving  you a demo that
if your hospital is a  medical

clinic or diagnostic center,
then how can  you use this

cutter to cut your sheet with
easy  cleaning.

Now I can show you a simple
basic demo,  this is cutter, we

have two options 14-inch  and

you can cut rolls of different

You  can easily cut the size
roll in this way and when  cut,

it cuts both the layers of the
ETO roll,  cutting both the

first transplant layer and
which  is this bottom paper, if

you have an ETO thicker  than

If you want to cut another  flat
or thick item at that time,

then you can  easily do that too.

If your ETO rell is, if it  is
of a small size, then we also

have a small  size rotary cutter
for which is of 14-inch  and

this is 24-inches rotary  cutter


Need and clean cut is  done,
it’s not leave any marks, and

you get cut  completely and in
case you need any extra  blade

for the cutters, we also supply
that and if  you have a

complaint of such a cutter,
then you  can tell us.


You can contact or  communicate
with us through the WhatsApp

link  given below.

If you go to the YouTube
comment  section and click on

the first link there, then  you
will be connected to our

YouTube WhatsApp,  and we supply
many cutting machine and tools

we  also give information from
our YouTube channel  and

Telegram channel.

thank  you

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