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Make Creative Products With Our Machines #magneticToy Buy @


Make Creative Products With Our Machines #magneticToy Buy @

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This is a short video how to make usefull things with our machines using
inkjet printer, cold lamiantion, creasing machine etc.,  You can make many
thing and improve your side business with our machines.


00:00 Intro
00:22 Printing with inkjet print
00:25 A4 matt card lamination
00:30 Laminating with cold lamination machine
01:18 Finishing
01:41 Creasing
01:52 Folding
02:07 Straight cuts
02:20 Fitting magnets
03:00 Other products
03:15 Conclusion


Hi I am Abhishek and you inside
our showroom and today I am

going to tell you how you can
make some innovative and

amazing corporate gifting and
productivity tools for your

clients using our machines, so
let’s get started.

for printing here we have used

Epson 3150 printer, and the
print quality will come in this

way, first of all, we will take
A4 size matt cold lamination

which looks like this, then we
will press it.

We will put it on top of the
paper and inside our lamination


set the cold lamination paper
like this

After the lamination is
finished it finishing is very


It becomes very wonderful and
if you touch it with my hands,

then the dust soil will not
stick easily on it, some extra

the part has come on it, cut it
from you.

This is the finishing

Now we will crease it from the

After the lamination, we did
creasing and after creasing, we

will fold it.

So this is a laminated paper
which is a photo paper, 180 gsm,

we did 100 microns of cold
lamination on top of it we did


Now we have to cut the straight
cuts here

It gives it the ability to fold

Now we will put magnets on them.

You can use fevicol to apply
the magnet and the magnet has

to be installed on the backside
of the paper, after being ready

with the entire magnet on both
sides, we have put a form board

behind it, you can also cast
MDF board also or something


You can also put cardboard on
it so that they are easily

stiff and then you can hang it
on any wall, you can make many

more such products, we do not
make these products ourselves,

I am just giving you an idea
how you can make this type of


we don’t make this product,
please don’t ask us to make

this product, so we are just
supplier of machine materials,

you have to make it yourself
and if you need information

about any other of these
machines, then you can contact

us through WhatsApp.

You will find the details
inside the link below

To make such a table, you will
need some of our machines and

paper, we supply these papers
and the magnet is shown in this video

to buy our website and you can
also, contact us on WhatsApp.

Thank you I am Abhishek Jain
and if you like our video and

understand our efforts then you
can visit us, meet us

personally or you can like,
share and subscribe and give us

an idea that we are doing a
good job. Thank you.

Feed the cow, son, and take a rest
and run away to school, so this

is how your son did the whole

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