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Hospital Wrist Bands For Patients (Patient Identification Bands) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

Hospital Wrist Bands For Patients (Patient Identification Bands) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

Hospital Wrist Bands For Patients (Patient Identification Bands) ABHISHEK PRODUCTS S.K. GRAPHICS

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These wristbands are used in hospitals as a one time use patient Identification Wristband made in Tyvek material. These are waterproof, Durable and Reliable.

Patient Bands are flexible and versatile Write-On / Short Stay Wristbands are the perfect choice for short-term hospital applications. Our Write-On / Short Stay Wristbands are offered in a wide range of colors and Tyvek


Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:04 Hospital Wrist Bands for Patients identifcaion bands
00:23 Face Sheild
00:24 Sanitizer gun machine
00:30 office desk sheild
00:41 Patient identification bands
01:07 How this product is made
01:23 Locking system
01:47 how the bands are attached
02:17 Marking/Writing part of the band
03:09 how to remove the band
03:20 how to fix in the hand
03:50 water-proof, non-tearable band
04:14 about the lock of this band
05:29 conclusion


Welcome to Abhishek Products and in today’s video we are
going to discuss
Patient identification taxes that are used in hospitals so
that they can serve their patients well and track their
health and information
Along with this, we have many more products, such as Face
face shield.
Sanitizer Gun Machine Sanitizer, Fog Machine & Office Face
Shield or Office Desk Shield
It will look something like this
But in today’s video, we are going to focus on this patient
identification tag, so first thing first you can see that it
is available in different colors and options, so whatever
hospital your client has, one to compliment colour to their people.
Color we can supply them or you can also give them different
types according to the pension of CB, IT or type of disease.
Can you offer band?
So now let’s talk about this product, what kind of material
is this product made of?
It is made of a composite tie back material that has
been printed on top of blue dye.
Or any other color answer is also your requirement and on
the top of this, lock-in buttons are given here, this is
this is the male part of the lock, and the female part.
And here is a special perforation is given that I will use at
the end of this video and when you press this band on this
side, it will be locked inside each other, permanent loss will
be done and will not open easily.
This band number one and this band number two
Both have been fixed in the orientation of performance in
mirror image and have been fixed in such a way that if you
should do any branding in the future for your client.
If you are supplying this band to Apollo Hospital from Lettuce,
then here you can print the logo of Apollo Hospital brand
or anyone else?
You can paint the screen here on this side and when the nurse,
doctor or any other administrative staff will be
using this band, giving it to your patient, then here he will
be with a pen.
Can edit or write for exams
For example, if a patient is being admitted here, then first
you will write patient number so and so and b number so and so
And here is any other information such as an allergy
or if they are being given a serious medicine, then they can
also write this kind of information here or apart from
this, we can also supply you a label printer where.
If they can paste a bar code sticker here, then first of all
the staff who will be there will be that star here.
Will write the details of
And then he’ll do it from here.
In this way, the band will break away from its entire
layer and become a single brand and they will fix it in their
And after applying it in this way, they will completely lock
the entire male female lock and the band that is there will be
free in the hand in this way, the rest of the patient should
not have any kind of irritation and he who is the patient
wearing this band is his regular.
Can work day to day, can’t even eat food and this band which is
waterproof and non-tearable, it is non-reactive skin.
So the patient has a very zero chance of having any kind of
allergy or irritation.
And now you must be thinking that this male female lock has
been given and then she was doing special cutting here, so
what is it for, what happens many times, patient somewhere,
miss patient, do not miss this band or what else
The information is given above this, it should not be put on
another person or there is any other security reason, for
that we had cut that special and if you patients are trying
to remove it, then it will not come out easily.
No matter how hard they put their hands here.
If you do something so hard or do something, if you put blood,
it will not come out easily and even if it wants to be removed,
it will break and come out.
Now we will try to pull it hard, we will try to break it.
When pulled hard, then it is broken in
such a way, sometimes it is also given to small children,
sometimes it is also given to a little mentally unstable
patients, so it will not break until they pull it hard.
Its life is long.
So as you saw, a special cut was done here, we cut that dam
by cutting the same sim.
So this is the logic behind the entire product and this is a
very common use case.
Special in South India in many hospitals
Yes, this was our product today and in the upcoming videos we
will discuss about all these other products as well.

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