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Make Luggage Tags For Bags, Airport, Travels with Low Investment Buy @

Make Luggage Tags For Bags, Airport, Travels with Low Investment Buy @

Make Luggage Tags For Bags, Airport, Travels with Low Investment Buy @

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Make Luggage Tags For Bags, Airport, Travels with Low Investment. We provide multiple options such as machine to cut the slots, clear PVC holder, clear PP folder with blue colour border, nylon luggage tags to tie a knot to the products. You can easily develop a side business in your existing DTP or other printing business clients any investment.


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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Slot Punch Machine
01:25 – 2 in 1 Slot Punch With Corner Cutter
02:58 – Visiting Card Corner Cutter
04:53 – How to Make Luggage Tag
06:30 – Making Luggage Tag With Zip Pouch
07:33 – Making Luggage Tag With PLastic Holder
09:10 – Business Tip on The Products


Hello everyone, I am Abhishek Jain with Abhishek Products by
S.K Graphics and today we are going to talk about two such products
so that you can make retangle hole to id card and luggage
on the top and also cut corner from other side
Yes, these two products are Steel Hole, Punch and this is
our cutting player hole punch because it looks like cutting player,
so one of the specialties of these two products is that
these slots can punch, what is slot punch for exam?
This is our PVC card, we have printed it from a thermal
printer such as a Datacard, if we have to punch the slot on it,
then in this way we will cut it, press it with both hands and
with a little effort our card is what it is.
If it will open, there will be a hole here, so if you want in
in this hole, you can put the luggage tag or ID card or ID card hook
on it.
And another product to do this work is our cutting palyer
punch here.
Because as you saw, it is a little difficult to cut inside
this hardcore, while inside this cutting plier hole punch
you just need to do it.
Your card pvc card that you have printed in any thermal
printer or made from AP film or made from 250 micron laminations
is made from photo paper or you are taking out a print out from
a digital machine, just do anything.
In this way, the paper has to be inserted inside, punched and
easily this Hole is done here and Hole is in the exact place,
it is farther away, not more inside and is in the most
accurate place and you can do it here.
You can put stock attached, you can put a credit card hook, you
can insert clips and it is an automatic admit card without
you sing holder.
On the other hand, it has a corner hardcore, so suppose you
do not have a thermal printer, you do not have an ID card
die cutter, you have to make ID cards.
You are using AP film there you are making your card in the
you are making ID card shape with rotary cutter,
but what are you getting there?
If you want to do a round corner, then you will put the
square corner with an angle in this way and press it, as soon
as you trace it will be cut into the round corner, then in
this way you can cut your cards into the round corner.
If yes, your card will be cut in this way in the round corner,
if suppose you print the visiting card and your customer
has demanded it brother, I want visiting cards with round
corner cutting, so you do not have to do anything, you just
have to do your visiting.
You have to take the card in this way, press it and slowly
one by one you can corner round all the corners.
So in this way, you can do round corner cutting, which
comes perfectly and in this way you can also do slot punch in
which there is no problem, if you want, we make the card of
the AP film of 350 microns.
With a normal inkjet printer, without modification without
any change, you can also put the kind of AP film card
inside this punch and make it a slot punch, so here we are
punching three hundred and fifty.
And if you have knowledge about what is AP film, what is
lamination, then you will know that lamination is not
available at 350 micron thick, then you just have
to take the paper like this.
And refresh it and it will be punched in this way, if you are
doing two hundred and fifty microns, if you make two
hundred and fifty, then it is a little flexible, then you will
put the flexible card in this way and in this way.
If you punch it, then you can make a steak of it, here you
have made the loyalty card of the customer through the AP
film with ten percent off, you just have to put it in this way.
Have to punch and the card is punched here there is a jewelry
tag which is applied like a tag on it.
You just have to put it like this.
Punching and it has become panch, it is so easy to make
any card a steak, now I have been telling you how long I
have been telling you the luggage tag, how does the luggage tag look?
Wait a minute, I’ll tell you now.
So we have made a hole on our ID card by using this hole
punch, have made a slot and now we will make luggage tag of it, you
do not have to do anything, you have to take that dream card,
this is how it happens.
It carries a lot of weight up to 2 to 3 kilograms and
it is temperature proof, heat proof and you must have seen in
the airports that there is a lot of common use nowadays in
the railway station, so this is our tag.
You just have to put the string inside like this
This string with the other hand
Here you just have to pull in and it has become your luggage
luggage tag in this way, you assume that whatever your luggage is,
you have to tie it on top of that luggage and it will become
the customer’s luggage tag for their hotels, for their
hospitality industries, hostels.
For their luggage, at airports, in railway stations and
nowadays, private bus tours and trips that take you on exotic
tours, you can make these products and supply them.
Just put it up to the luggage and punched it on top of the
PVC card here and it became stock. If you are wondering how
to make this PVC card, then the PVC card which is made through
AP film, what is AP film and what is PVC from it?
How are cards made?
If you do not know, then go to the description below, there
you will find the link and watch that full video, now
there are a few variations inside it, if you want, you can
also put your card inside a separate case, then here is one
of us.
Zip pouch is a waterproof pouch, if you also put water on it,
then the card inside will not be damaged, then you do not
have to do anything, just open this access in this way and
whatever card you have, this is our card.
We will put the card inside like this and seal it here,
once sealed, it has become waterproof air tight, so this
is our card, then we have to take another attachment stack,
put it inside like this and ups.
We have the tag to put in this way
If you have to tie a knot to the rope by putting the second
corner inside, then it has become another luggage tag, we
have made our card waterproof here, such a special thing is
that here you do not need to insert PVC card.
If you want, print on the paper of the visiting card of
normally cardboard paper and put it inside this pouch,
you do not need the cost of making PVC card because you are
already giving it so much protection and on this concept
we have a blue end here.
There are also clear plastic holders, so these holders open
in this way, they are used for your attachment and which card
you take, put the card in such a way that you do not have to
pay card here.
When you are using this card holder, you do not need to hold
here, you just take a normal plain card.
So we take a normal plain card here in which we have not done
the hole, because if there is no need for a hole, then we
will put the card in this way, in this way we will put our
luggage stock inside it.
And if you tie such knots on top of it, then what happens,
this card is absolutely this card does not need to be PVC,
just put the normal three hundred GST paper, put a
100 GSM paper, that is also enough.
Print the front and back in the multicolor and your card will
be completely solid and some weight will also be put on it,
if the water falls, it will not spoil quickly and similarly we
have this blue model card holder.
For luggage tank, which is for luggage tank, it is also the
same way, in the middle it opens like a suitcase or it
will open in this way, which card do you take?
We have just taken a new card back, we put this card in this
way, closed it in this way.
In this way, we closed it completely, so it got a good
look after the look came to you.
I want to take it.
If you have to put it inside and tie a knot from inside,
then in this way, our luggage tag has become.
So this was a small demo to tell you can you make a luggage tag
attached to a normal PVC card?
You can make stakes attached to zip pouches and you can make
luggage tage attached to blue card holders, you can also make
luggage tag attached to invite card holders, you can make all these
cards in different industries such as airport trains.
The tourism industry has given a fixed stake to a lot of
people in the bus age and nowadays whenever they travel,
they are given a fixed luggage tag by their company so that they can
know whether they are employees of this company or belong to
that company.
Many times you must have seen that as soon as guests are
invited to weddings nowadays, the groom is made with the
photo of the bride and groom luggage tag hanged on their products
So what happens is that there is a customization in the
wedding, there is a designing, a kind of branding is done, it
becomes memorable, then the guest also remembers that yes,
we came to their wedding, so even if you have
I am a customer, if you work as a wedding card sir because we
have a lot of customers, print wedding cards, then along with
the wedding card, you add them a business of such luggage,
your side business will develop and because
We are Abhishek Products, you know that our job is to develop
your side business, our main business is to develop your
side business, so in this way you can develop a side business
of yours if you are working in xerox shop, your work of DTP
So if you book a customer’s trains there, book tickets, at
the same time, they will also get a commission to offer such
a fixed luggage tag, you will also get a separate payment for the
luggage tag, if you are tourism tours and travels, Hajj.
Brother, if you provide bad facilities to take the parties
to Haj, then give a luggage tag of your name to all your
passengers there, which has something similar to haj photo
You will get a value, it has worked with you and it will be
memorable that yes, I got the work done from that shop, so in
this way you can develop your side business.
To start, you do not have to make any special investment,
you already have everything, you just have to take extra
cutting player hole punch, or steel
hole punch, it is up to you how you are ahead.
If you want to grow about this side business, then I am
Abhishek with Abhishek Products by S.K Graphics and this was a
small difference.
Thank you for watching and if yes I have forgotten to tell
you one thing, we also have a Telegram channel, if you want,
you can get more such updates by knowing our Telegram channel
regularly in the form of messages on your mobile and
there I have many such messages.
If I post the updated information of all the videos
regularly, then you will get some knowledge from there too
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I am able to make more videos like this, thank you

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