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🙏Thank you For 50,000 Subscriber and My Journey So Far.


🙏Thank you For 50,000 Subscriber and My Journey So Far.

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A special thank to all the subscriber to help us reach 50,000 subscriber in such a short time. It has been a wonderful and learning journey to be a grateful place. thank you all


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Intro
00:05 This video is to Thank you for 50,000 Subscriber
01:46 To tell my journey
02:04 My native place
02:30 Settled at Hyderabad
02:42 Family & friends support
03:11 Higher education at Chennai
03:20 Work at e-commerce
03:52 introduced new business technique for the family business
04:30 YouTube video started
05:01 Customers don’t Understand the machine fully
05:33 Started YouTube Video to educated full use of the machine
06:52 Lockdown period
06: 56 Calls increased
06:59 Improved business with YouTube video
07:42 I am active in the YouTube for the past one year only
07:58 Regular video update in YouTube
08:24 My motivation
08:42 More videos for everone
09:08 You can join Instagram or Telegram
09:36 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products by S.K
Graphics. I am Abhishek Jain and today’s special video has
been made to thank you all this video is especially made for
all of you only form to thank you all for joining and
subscribing to Me YouTube channel.
I am very happy to all of you that you joined my YouTube
channel, subscribed and gave it so much love, so much time and
so many comments gave us so many suggestions that you
improve in this way, you make a video for us.
It has been very helpful and with the inspiration of all of
you, we have reached out to 50, 000 subscribers on YouTube
today, which I still can not believe today, it has really
happened because from where I have come from such a small
And I have now reached the top so far that people call me and
say that Sir, I have to start a new business, give me a little
idea, then it is a big opportunity for me, it is a
very big payment of life which I will not forget.
I am not going to do that, so two years and three years were
down in everyone’s life like demonetisation, then GST, then
Corona 1, Corona 2, Lockdown and all this happened and
during all this, the business that is under a pressure comes
under a pressure but that pressure.
We have more negative but we should work beyond that by
taking it positive and during this entire journey I had
YouTube and on which I experimented, increased my
knowledge, gave knowledge to customers and learned a lot and
for this I also made all the mistakes made.
On the way and for all of them, thank you for giving chance and
giving your time
I am telling you this video because today I want to share
with you my life journey of where I have started and where
I have reached and I come from Rajasthan, I know marwadi and I
come from Rajasthan and I am in Rajasthan.
There was a small village, earlier Bikaner is still there,
now a work has been done, there was another smaller wound near
that village, its name was Gangashahar and I come from
where there was no English medium education at that time
and we were from there.
My father was a farmer at that time and he
25 years ago, he left Rajasthan and did business in different
parts of India and finally settled here in Hyderabad and
he provided us education.
and I got college education in the whole journey my family and
my parents supported me a lot in my entire journey because 7
years ago when someone used to say yes, my son used to say on
YouTube video.
If it is making, then
It is not a big thing used to be fun but today the scenario
has changed, so along the way, I got a lot of support from my
family, friends and my acquaintances also gave a lot
of suggestions and for this reason till date,50,000
subscribers have been given.
So I am going on again for a few years and in Chennai I did
BTech IT engineering and computer science learned a lot
about computers and there I worked in an e-commerce company
for two to three years.
That e-commerce company lived in America, there is a very big
e-commerce joint named Cosco, there is a similar to Amazon,
so there I did it in a way.
I did some work through consultancy consultancy and
from there I learned a lot and what I learned there.
Foreign companies that have technologies and where they
have a way of thinking, the same big way is to put big ways
in the family business, which is small, started putting big
ways in it and today I have started my family business in
I am working with my father, so it’s been six to seven years
and I can say that I have been able to take my business
forward because of all of you, because I got so many
suggestions and lots of knowledge
I said something wrong in many videos, people corrected it
with comments and then I made a new video back, uploaded a new
video, deleted the old one, in this way the whole journey war
going and now I have finally become this stylish of my own.
At work and
When I started YouTube, my goal was not to market my business
or send my products or tell people that brother I do not
get this, when I came new to the business, I saw a problem
with me.
I saw a general problem that we send so many machines, in those
days we did not sell so many machines, they used to sell
very little that we have been so best, but people do not
understand how to use it and those who use it.
They are not using it properly, they are not using it properly,
so I have faced this problem myself and have seen for myself
that people are not using our machines properly and similarly
The same time family told me that they have written computer
knowledge after education, if we use a new model to this old
business, then there was a target and this was not a
problem, so I added both the target and the problem and then
I thought that now
Take the business from e-commerce and at the same time
create educational channels on one side only for our customers.
We started with the beginning, so I saw a problem that people
are carrying printers but are printing only one or two things
in the printer, printing only paper while they can also print
stickers, they are also printing transparent paper.
They can also print the visiting card, whereas they
were not doing it because they did not have knowledge and due
to which if they had taken a machine worth 10,000 rupees,
then they only withdraw 5000 rupees.
Then we slowly started making videos and started sending to
all the customers that you did very well for the machine you
used, but at the same time, use the machine fully, if the
machine has hundred percent capacity, then you can hand it
And try to pull up to ten percent, you just don’t keep it
at fifty percent, our initial goal was to tell the customers
more carefully that the machine you have taken is a long race
like horse, you do not drive it at donkey speed.
There was a perception, I had a perception of how to educate
the customers so that they can use their machine better and
make it profitable, as well as there was a city technical
problem inside the machine, there were small errors, all
those errors.
How to overcome?
How come
Do you have to get things right?
We started putting all those things in YouTube, then
gradually it was one year, two years, three years and the lock
down came.
Then we started getting calls from people during the lockdown.
Thank you, we watched your video, we are not your customer,
but we got to search your video in YouTube and our shop which
was closed in lockdown, we did so much business sitting at
home in the lockdown, through your ideas, unknown people.
They were calling me and saying thank you that you are doing a
very good job, what you are doing has been maintained, it
has been sayin keep it up, so what do you say for me?
He had a moment of goosebumps, I realized that what I am doing
has now gone beyond business, it has become daily wages for
It has been made, it has become a medium, then I got a lot of
motivation from it and you must have seen that within the last
one year I am so active in YouTube, before that we were
not so active because now I know that not only my customers
but the rest are complete.
There are many people in India who want us to make videos and
give them more business ideas, we make videos regularly,
upload regularly, upload a lot of customers who are not even
our customers, they also watch our videos.
There is also some All Over India, they also watch our
videos, they also learn from us, we have no problem with that,
if you are not our customer, no problem, still welcome you and
thank you that you are watching us and
You are also getting educated, helping others to become
educated, so now my motivation is not only towards business,
my motivation is also in developing people’s side income
Nowadays, the culture of startups is later, but the
culture of being self-employed is in people first, so I am
motivating it a little more.
And I am giving myself a big goal that I have to make more
educational videos for customers not only for me
business but for everyone, whether it is my customer or
not, but whatever comes, learn some kind of information from
me or else.
If I learn, this is my goal for the next one year.
Let’s see how my journey goes ahead.
And I hope you guys will keep watching my video as soon as
you can see me on Instagram or Telegram and send us any other
technical suggestions or other technical ideas so that we can
make videos on it all day.
We only have eight or nine hours to stay in the office,
stay at home the rest of the time or stay on any other work,
then during that time for as many as ten minutes daily as
By doing this, we tell a small video and it takes a lot of
effort, it takes a lot of effort, but at the end of the
day it’s all enhanced and thank you everyone for watching me
video in supporting in this journey.

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