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नया व्यापार शुरू करें Ep 6 – Using Inkjet Printer [Side Income No Investment] Buy @

व्यापार शुरू करें Ep 6 Using Inkjet Printer Side Income No Investment Buy @

नया व्यापार शुरू करें Ep 6 – Using Inkjet Printer [Side Income No Investment] Buy @

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Start New Side Businesses Using Your Small Inkjet Printer Without Any Additional Cost. New Business Ideas That You Can Start Just By Using Simple Skills Of Photoshop Or Coreldraw Without Any Additional Investment Or Spedning Extra Money.
All By Just Using A Normal Inkjet/Inktank/Ecotank Printer.


00:00 – Intro
03:05 – HOW TO BUY
05:05 – PRODUCT NO 1
06:18 – PRODUCT NO 2
08:22 – PRODUCT NO 3
11:08 – PRODUCT NO 4
13:53 – PRODUCT NO 5
16:19 – PRODUCT NO 6
20:28 – PRODUCT NO 7


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

in today’s video, we are going to discuss

how to run 12 types of
a business using a small inkjet printer

how to boost your existing business

before starting this video we
want to tell special thanks to two customers

His name is Mr.Syed who
runs a travel agency in Bangalore

and Mr.Mahesh who runs a small xerox shop

two of them had the same problem

two of them were contacted through WhatsApp

in a professional way they send
the shop’s details and their problems

the problem is that we are
affected by the lockdown,

because of the lockdown school are opening slowly

and the travel is also slow

do you have any products
which can help to run our business

give new product so that we add to our
existing customers or new customers

like that our WhatsApp conversation was going on
we send our catalog

we send our product list, at
In the end, we suggest three product

seeing the suggestion you can add this
products and see the full video of these products

if you understand this product you
can add this product, so that it helps you

so that helps to bring your business
back in line until the lockdown is fully opened

so thank you for those two customers
who gave inspiration and idea

and opened my eyes in
existing situation and scenario

this special video is made for
those two customers request

I have divided this video
or concept in two parts

the first is part 1 of this video

now you are watching part 1 of this video

in this part-1 video we are
going to discuss 7 products

which is for normal average web designers
or Photoshop or CorelDraw designers

they can handle and work easily

the second series is about the specific 5 product

which is applicable for selected customers only

who hand is better in CorelDraw and
Photoshop and their work are very good

they can express their creativity
with this design software

don’t miss the two videos

my channel so that we get motivation

to make like this video and to tell in detail
what is the product that we can deal with

and if you want to purchase
any product is shown in this video

  so there is a link in the description
from there you can purchase online

our website name is

and if you are not linked
with the Telegram channel

which is free, you can also join
our Telegram channel

in which we will update like this products

like this printing technology-related products
we update regularly on the telegram channel

so that link will be in the description

so without wasting time we go to the video

the products I am going to tell in this
video is about different types of photo paper

which is printed in any type of inkjet printer

when I say inkjet printer I want to say
Epson inkjet printers, Canon inkjet printers

Brother inkjet printers or
HP companies inkjet printers

in all these company printers we use
the original ink that comes with the printer

you don’t need to put another type of ink in
the printer for printing these papers

you don’t need any modification to the printer

you print with existing
printer with existing technology

  with an existing warranty provided by the company

with its terms and conditions

you can add these products expect one

I am going to tell 7 products

in 6 products it takes
normal ink and normal printer

in one paper it needs some modification

so let’s start with the first product

many of them know this product

some people don’t know
this, so I am telling to them

this photo paper comes in many gsm and thickness

in this, you can get 4×6 inch which is
maxi size this paper is of VMS brand

in Compu Colour you get an A4 size
the paper between 130gsm and 180 gsm

my favorite brand is Nova Jet

again it’s available in maxi and A4 sizes
of 130 gsm and 180 gsm

The next question is whether this is a photo
paper what can be done with this

simple, this prints photo only

when a customer asks for a copy
of an aadhaar card or pan card

so you can print on this type of paper
which is extra high glossy and will be thicker

and the quality is also high in this paper

similarly when aadhaar card is
printed in big size or small size

you can print small ration cards in this paper

so that a good finishing is got

this is a common product, many of
the xerox shop owners use this paper

The next product is RC-coated photo paper

this is also from the Nova company brand,
we are the authorized dealers for this brand

in Hyderabad and in Telangana also

this is available in A4 and maxi size

this is RC-coated photo paper

RC coated photo paper means it has extra
coating by which the face in the photo is enhanced

because of these properties when you
take any type of passport photo in the market

is printed in this type of

  and if you want to provide a passport
printing facility you can use this paper

the normal photo paper I have told
already will print in any printer

it can be printed in any
printer use just the original ink

but for this RC-coated photo paper, we suggest

Epson L805 which is a six colour printer

if you print in this printer the
quality will be better in this printer

the print will be best to best,
this RC coated paper is 270 gsm

visiting card thickness is 300 gsm

the RC photo paper I have told is 270 gsm

the roller which picks the
paper is called pickup rubber

if it is bigger the photo quality will
be better and it picks paper easily

Epson model 805, 850, 810, you
can print easily on all these printers

don’t worry if you have HP or Epson 3110

or If you have HP GT series

or Canon’s 3000 or 4000 series printer

these printers can also print
this paper easily, this was my suggestion

this is good business if you know
Photoshop or CorelDraw you can do easily

many of them may know
about the sublimation paper,

sublimation paper is a paper
through which T-Shirt, caps,

mugs, plates, ceramic
items, satin cloth, pillow covers

bed sheet covers, even handkerchief is
also can be printed with a sublimation process

sublimation paper is used
to print in this all product

there is a problem with this, you
can’t print with original ink in this

for this, you have to buy a printer from
a company or you can buy with us

keep aside the original ink that comes
with the printer and put sublimation ink in it

then only the sublimation paper
can be printed or ink coating

then use this paper with another
machinery to print over the mug, T-Shirt, etc.,

it has extra investment, but your Epson, Canon,
  HP, Brother whichever printer may be

you can use these printers

to print this

it has one more problem

the problem is that when you put sublimation ink
in the printer, you can’t use it for another purpose

if you put sublimation ink it is
used for sublimation purposes only

it is used for sublimation printing
only, you can’t do other work

like photo paper printing, photo studio printouts
  you have to forget all about that

you have to do Sublimation work
only with a sublimation printer

the solution for this is for you
must have two printers

one for photo printing and
another for sublimation printing

the market to market will be different,
when you are near school or colleges

sublimation business will be very useful

because children and
parents, there are many wishes

or teachers or friends to give a gift

cup, mugs, T-Shirt, etc.,

if you have CorelDraw or Photoshop skills

if you can print small banners for children
in the cup, you can definitely start this business

how this sublimation paper
work and how to do it works,

I have already uploaded the detailed video about it

you can get the link in the description

this is our “I” button

here also I put the link you
can also check from there

but you watch the full video of this so that you
can get an idea of what are the products we have

so now we start the 4th product

our 4th product is my favorite

this is transparent inkjet paper

this is the transparent paper we have printed

some of you may be in the binding industries

already doing the spiral binding and wiro binding

may think this is an OHP
sheet in which you have inkjet printing

this is not an OHP sheet many customers
confused about it, it’s not an OHP sheet

first I tell you about this sheet this is a
transparent sheet, it’s an A4 sheet

and it’s available in 100-micron thickness

it will work in any inkjet printer

HP, Brother, Canon, or in Epson

you may print in 4 colour printers
or 6 colours printer no problem

you can print it with the normal original
ink that comes with the printer

you have to print with that,

I have put a white paper behind it so
that you can see the printing

you can print multicolor in it

you can the transparent

what is the use of this

it has many uses

with this, you can work with
trophies, make gift articles,

you can make special products for the customers

you can make different types of badges

if you are selling your own binding books

if you are binding the paper
and selling as a rough book

in that, you can put your shop’s name or brand in
front of the book with this transparent sheet

when school children visit your shop

for making their project report

or a project book

so give them an offer that a
the new transparent paper has come

we can put your project name

Thermo project by Shushant or any student name

so that a cover page of a project can be created

which comes in a good quality

if you want to know more about it don’t worry
I have already made a detailed video about it

you can get the link in the description
and on the top of the “I” button also

please check up that

this product depends on your imagination

and you can make different types of products
if you have experience in CorelDraw and Photoshop

you can develop many things easily with this

you can give memorable things to the customer

especially in gifting industries

now we talk about the next product, product no.5

which is a dragon sheet

dragon sheet is the most popular product

many of them may know this

I have uploaded a detailed video
about it before one and a half years ago

this is a revision only of
the existing product for you

for the new subscriber, I tell you that
this dragon sheet has many names

PVC sheet, ID card sheet, PVC core sheet

and many times non-laminating
the sheet is said in north India, northeast

people know it as a non-laminating sheet

What is a dragon sheet?

in this dragon sheet, we print ID cards

ID card which looks like an ATM card quality

in which we use any normal
the inkjet printer of any company

we use the original ink
that comes with the printer

we don’t need any extra
ink or a new type of ink


there is also a twist in the dragon sheet

dragon sheet is not a single sheet

after printing this sheet there
is a process to use this sheet

you have to put this in the lamination machine
and also in a rotary cutter

after that, you have to cut with a die cutter

then only you can get the PVC card

this is a cost-effective method

ATM card

quality aadhaar card, pan card, voter card,

to give the customer ATM quality cards

but there is a problem with this

the problem is that the life
of this card is only 3 months

yes! and the card printed with
this faded after three months

blueish or yellowish shades come depending
upon the temperature of the weather outside

that is the big problem with this dragon sheet

many people use this widely

in every street, or in one or
three shops this sheet is used

this product is common

in this, there is a problem and a weakness


dragon sheet is an old technology

and an old method to
make an ID card through an inkjet printer

but the industry has developed a lot

and we also developed a lot

so that is why we are introducing product number 6

product number 6 is AP film

AP film is a replacement for dragon sheet

AP film is a replacement for
dragon sheet, this is AP flim

this comes in two different sizes

  if you are running a small retail shop

you purchase a 4×6 inch maxi size

when your specific work is an ID card

your work is only ID cards

for schools and companies

for that, you purchase an A4 size

alright! so you have understood this

you may ask this is a shining sheet, what does it do

this is a special sheet

first, this is a highly glossy

the print quality is very good and dark

when talking about print quality
  I can say Number one quality only

because sharp print is obtained

and rough and tough print

when you tear this with your hand, it will not

if you dip this in the water for

print is also not affected

we have tested it with Epson’s
two-three model

Epson 130, 3110, Epson L805

it has given phenomenon result

when you print this and put it in the
water for one day the ink doesn’t fade easily

this is a non-tearable sheet and waterproof sheet

this is compatible with other printers also like
HP, Canon, Brother inkjet printers

it’s compatible with that printers also

this is part number 1

part number 2 is about this sheet

when you laminate this sheet

hot lamination, hot lamination machine
means the 12-inch small machine

where you insert the pouch and
laminate, we say it as hot lamination

when you do hot lamination, it doesn’t
open when you cut with the die cutter

so it doesn’t open easily

now you think that I am saying
too much about AP film

if you don’t understand, don’t worry about it

detail video of this has been
updated on YouTube already

link in the description down and on the “I” button

you see that video

see this video and go to
the description see that video

when you laminate this sheet,
the sheet will stick the lamination nicely

many times the customers buy any
non-tearable sheet and print and laminate it

from that their problem is not solved because
it has no extra coating and the lamination opens

when the ID is opened, it’s
not an ID card it’s a waste of paper

alright! I want to tell only this concept

this is an extra business you
can add to the existing business

you can put it like this scheme

you can use dragon sheet or AP film
and put 5 samples of each in your shops

then you can ask the customer, what kind
of card you want low quality or high quality

in low-quality show dragon sheet
and in high-quality shows AP film

then the customer says this is Rs.50 and this is
Rs.75, do one thing make 4 copies from Rs.75

I have my families card to make this also

when you keep two products
the two products will be sold

it depends upon the customer
that how much they want to invest

when talking about costing the two
products are somewhat equally same

I have told about lots of
products, that is 6 products

if you want to purchase all these products
go to this website

you can purchase all the products

if you want a bulk purchase

put an inquiry on the website, and we will see
in one or two days when we have time

we will contact you in one or two days

and last but not the least

this is my second favorite
a product which is a photo sticker

many times I have said
about photo stickers which are less

I have made 3 or 4 videos about it

in 2 weeks or 2 months

I like this product very much
because we get many ideas with this

I am sure that this product
will help you in any way

first, we see what is photo sticker, this
is a photo sticker in which it has been printed

only a single side is printed on this sheet

you can’t print on the back side
obviously, because it’s a photo sticker, right

like this, I am removing the release paper of this

this is the sheet it has two-part

we say this as a release paper
which is a waste paper at the back

and at the front, we have the photo
sticker and at the back it has to gum

alright this is it’s gumming

this is a sheet with a glossy finish

reflective surface printing
which is a glossy finish surface

this product has stickers, what are
the things we can make with this

we can do many things with this

from this product, we can do ID card works, badges

keychains job,

you can do some photo frameworks

you can do a little wall
decorative works only little

this product is used with other
product to make useful products

when you print with a normal inkjet printer

like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, or any printer

when you print with the normal printer with normal ink

after printing, first, you have to laminate this

when you die cut this or
plotter cut or different design

then this product will become special

you can use this as a gift label

book label, product label

if you have a gold showroom or if
you have a supply of any other things

so you can make the product
description with this photo sticker

price tags, price labels, in many
showrooms and in the supermarket

you can supply this after processing

you have to invest extra
investment besides the existing printer

for the cutting machines so that
you make it as an advanced version and set it

as promised I have completed

and there are another 5 products, special products

which can be printed
easily with the inkjet printer

which is used in different types of industries

that five products I call
it as special five products of mine

for this, you need some advance
knowledge about Photoshop and CorelDraw

there you need creativity over the product

then only the good product is made

then only you can tell the customer about
the specialty of the product

make a unique setting and give it to the customer

so this video is too long, I have
taken about 20 or 30 minutes of your time

only for telling this product

I hope that you liked this video

but before going

don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to us

we will get ideas every time

this is like a battery charge, so
that we can make more videos like this

join with more customers and go ahead like this

with this YouTube journey

and if you want any 7 products shown

if you have any doubts there
is YouTube comment section

type all your doubts in that we will reply for it

but don’t put your contact number in it

because nowadays there are a lot of scams

many bad things happen so that you don’t
put your personal number or office number

in the YouTube comment section,
because many of them misuse it

you just type please contact
me for so and so products

from there we will send our Whatsapp
a number so that you can contact us

so that we can supply the
products and details of the product

and when you want to purchase the product

then we can supply all over
India using the general post office

using transport, using delivering cargo

we can supply the products, no tension about it

we supply to Jammu Kashmir to
Kanyakumari, from ladakh to shillong, Meghalaya

or Rajasthan

so I want to give an oral idea

but before going don’t forget
to join my Telegram channel

there also I work like this
to update different products

so thank you very much

for spending time with me

and part 2 is coming

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