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18” Hot Lamination Machine for 13×19, 12×18, 17×24 Size Paper Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

18 Hot Lamination Machine for 13x19 12x18 17x24 Size Paper Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

18” Hot Lamination Machine for 13×19, 12×18, 17×24 Size Paper Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

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18” Hot Lamination Machine for 13×19, 12×18, 17×24 Size Paper | Abhishek Products | S.K. Graphics


00:00 – Intro
00:08 – 18 Hot Lamination Machine
00:29 – What are the Lamination you can do with 18
01:42 – Controls in Lamination Machine
02:39 – Demo – How to do the hot Lamination
03:19 – 14×20 pouch Benefits
04:38 – Lamination Pouches
05:09 – Other Machines in 12 inches
05:27 – Other Machines we have
05:39 – Conclusion


Welcome everyone

we are now going to talk about another product

about 18-inch lamination machine

generally, you purchase a machine
or that is available in the market

that machine is this, this is a 12-inch machine

can laminate up to A3 size

the machine we are showing
is an 18-inch lamination machine

what are the things we can do
in 18-inch lamination machine

the most popular big size
On the market is a 13×19 size

art paper, glossy paper, board paper,

or nowadays there are non-tearable
sheets of 13×19 size for printing ID cards

this is also used in a photo studio

generally, thermal lamination is done over, generally

that size can also be laminated in this machine

but you can’t laminate this
paper in that machine

because this machine is 12 inch

and this machine is an 18-inch machine

just to give a basic idea
I will tell you one thing

the 13×19 size paper doesn’t fit into the
machine, the pouch doesn’t go into the machine

because the pouch size is bigger than the machine

but in the 18-inch machine, it goes easily

generally available size in the market
is A3 size which is a smaller size

that will go in this machine easily

but in this machine up to 18
inch paper can be laminated

I will show you a demo

I have on the machine

from here we have the machine

here it is kept in forwarding mode, forward
means you have to feed the paper from here

here it’s a hot and cold mode

for making lamination set to hot mode

the red light indicates the machine
is on and the power supply is coming,

  and it’s in the working condition

this is the temperature knob

now we are going to laminate

so set the temperature knob between 110 to 120

as that temperature comes
the green light will glow

for example, if you want to see the green light

the temperature has reached up to 110 degrees

the temperature has not reached 120
degrees, in a few seconds it will reach 120 degrees

so now I will show you a demo of the lamination

because this machine is 18 inches

for laminating 13 x 19 paper we have
  used 14 x 20 size pouch

the paper size is 13×19 and
lamination pouch size is 14 x 20

like this is coming out after lamination

and this has become hard

this 13×19 size lamination pouch
can be used in many application

for example in menu cards for hotels

brochures, advertisements, boards, posters,

some people use this as
board for property for sale

for that 13×19 poster is used

you can do that lamination easily

generally, the A3 lamination machine is got in the
market and everyone will have an A3 machine only

people take printouts in A3 only because they don’t
know that there is a 13×19 inch pouch for lamination

so they print in A3 size and give it to the customers

now the new machine has come, it has an option

to laminate 13 x 19 size also

if you purchase this machine with
us we can give home delivery also

you can get this from the general post office, DTDC,

through we can courier or parcel

the laminating pouch like 13 x 19 or 18 x 12

now the new size is there in xerox
machines, that is 17 x 14 inches

we make that size pouch also

like this, the lamination will be done

like this hard lamination would be
done, we manufacture this pouch also

we can make from 80 microns to 350 microns pouch

the minimum quantity is 500 pieces

scheduled and delivery time
will be given when the order is placed

this video is made to give you the completed Idea

about that we have the 12 inch
machine and 18-inch machine

in 12 inches there are more varieties

in 12 inches we have a speed lamination machine

we have a JMD brand machine, Excelam

Neha brand and also Snnken brand machines are also here

so like this we have many rang
and varieties in machines and materials

I will share all the price details, video
demo and tutorials in the coming videos

if you want to contact us or if
you want to purchase this machine

so contact through the given number below

call this number, this is our WhatsApp number

before calling first WhatsApp
and get the product details

we will share the demo and everything so that you will be
comfortable, and if you are confirming to buy the product

at that time call us then we can talk in detail

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