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फोटो स्टिकर और इंकजेट प्रिंटर का उपयोग करके आईडी कार्ड, बैज बनाएं ऑनलाइन खरीदें

स्टिकर और इंकजेट प्रिंटर का उपयोग करके आईडी कार्ड बैज बनाएं ऑनलाइन खरीदें

फोटो स्टिकर और इंकजेट प्रिंटर का उपयोग करके आईडी कार्ड, बैज बनाएं ऑनलाइन खरीदें

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Make id cards, badges, yo yo stickers, badges, name plates using photo sticker(adhesive photo paper) and any inkjet based printer along with rotary cutter, cold lamination machine and respective die cutters.


00:06 Introduction of Making Stickers 00:36 List of Machines required
01:48 Introduction to id card cutters
01:56 Different Key chain Cutters
01:59 Different Badge die Cutters
02:01 Different Yo yo Retractor die Cutters
02:10 Basic Process Of Making Stickers
03:43 Step 1 – Design in Computer With Template
05:17 Step 2 – Cold lamination Process
08:20 Step 3 – Cutting using Rotary Cutter
10:08 Step 4 – Cutting Via Die Cutter
11:14 Step 5 – Pasting Id Cards on Holder
11:54 Different Sizes Different Die Cutters
13:40 Overview So Far
14:20 If Any Doubts please put them in Comments


Hello! everyone. Welcome to another video

Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

In this video, we are going to show how to make
ID cards, key chains, badges

retractor yo-yo, and many types of stickers
using our machines

In this video, we show you how to
make stickers for the ID card holder

stickers for badges

stickers for keychains

making sticker for ID card retractor yoyo and
make different types of stickers

In this full video, we are going to
use may type of machines

normal inkjet printer

one cold lamination machine

one rotary cutter

and different types of die cutters

we do all this work in one paper called
photo sticker

I have made already a detailed video on the YouTube
about the photo sticker, I think you have watched that video

In case you guys are not comfortable with the Hindi language

then you can log on

Then you can go to YouTube Channel and you can watch
the same video in English and Telugu

the description

you can check the description you will
find the link for both

we continue our video in the Hindi language now

and this full video we show you many types
of machines and many types of materials

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machines you can log on to

this website detail is given below description
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so we start the video

This is our setup today

In this setup, we are going to discuss about it

How you can make

different types of ID cards

different types of key chains

different types of badges

stickers of retractor yoyo

for this full setup

Epson inkjet printer,

You can use any type of printer like canon, HP

but for this demonstration, we are using the Epson
3150 printer

This is 4 colour printer

here we use 14-inch cold lamination which is
made in India

and after this, we use a rotary cutter which
are 14 inches in size

and in this stage and the last stage of
sticker cutting

In this, we show you the different types of die cutting

each die

has its own size

you can’t change the die’s size
the die’s size is fixed

In the ID card die cutter only ID card is made

and if you are making the key chains,
the key chains have different types of die

if you are making yoyo, it has a different type of
die and if you are making badges it has a separate die

so in this video, I will tell you end to end process
about how to make photo sticker

This is a photo paper with sticker, we
call this as photo sticker

using this photo sticker

for this all items

make stickers and branding

you have to paste or stick for ID cards,
key chains, room key chain

how to do that?

we will tell you how to use this product

ID card, key chain, yoyo, for making any product
first, you have to design on the computer

for designs on computers, there is a template
or setting

between two stickers there’s a gap of 5 millimetres

for each machine there is different
setting or layout

we have already designed this layout
setting in CorelDraw

if you want our product or use our product

you can also get this template through WhatsApp

When you print files with this template, it looks
like this

It’s one side is glossy paper

This photo sticker paper comes in a glossy finish

when printing we have given a black line
between two cards

so that we know the cutting edges of the cards

we have given a white mask around the card so that it
is easy for die cutting and no other card is wasted

we have given one more line in the centre
we call it the centre line

We cut this sheet after laminating over this
line in a rotary cutter

This is the sample template for ID cards

In this state, we are going to do the cold lamination

with this cold lamination machine which has a handle
On one side and the top, there are two screws

Here we are going to use a cold lamination roll

Its height is 13.5 inches and the length of this roll is 50 meters

This comes in 125 microns thickness

What is a cold lamination roll?

The cold lamination roll is a
plastic sheet of 125 micron

one side of which is a glossy finish
and the other side is a sticker

and on the back side, it has a sticker and
the release paper

This sticker side stick over the paper and
make the photo sticker paper waterproof

This sticks over any surface like matt or glossy

if it has a rough finish also it becomes
waterproof when you stick this

Now I’ll show you how to use cold
lamination machine

for this first, we use 4 or 6-millimetre foam board

which we can get in the big stationery shops

we have put the foam board slowly in the machine

giving pressure on the roll we
have inserted the foam board

we have pulled with the handle

we have to adjust these two screws loose to tight
so that foam board fits in the machine

We have already cut a piece from
the roll which is slightly bigger than the A4 size

first, we stick this on the board

crease the release paper like this

after creasing, reverse the paper and stick
it is on the board

now the release paper is at the back
and cold lamination film is at the top

Now we keep the printout,
which is ID cards print out

we pull the release paper upwards slightly,
and insert the printed paper inside

printed paper is facing upwards, now
we pull the release paper towards us

now we roll the roller

because of the roller pressure the cold laminations
plastic has stuck over the printed paper

as we have rolled this machine in well
tight-fitting, there is no bubble in it

now it has become waterproof

This is our output

this has got a glossy finish, plastic coating
and becomes waterproof

We can see no quality is lost, we can
see the barcode, and signature well

Now we are in the rotary cutter stage

now we are going to cut the cold laminated sheet
in the rotary cutter

This is the special rotary cutter
which is a 14-inch length

In which you can cut up to 500 micron
plastic sheet easily

our lamination sheet is 125 micron

so it cuts easily, it’s very sharp,
accurate cutting is got with this cutter

this can cut 1-millimetre edges, and you can
see the speed of this machine

you don’t need to give extra pressure on your hands,
and work is done with good finishing

this round blade is doing all these works

small edge is also cut well, no other
the cutter can cut like this

now we have put the centre line in the rotary
cutter alignment

and roll the blade

that’s it

These are our vertical strips, in which
we will die cut in the next step

we have come to the last state

Now we are going to cut the
laminated and printed sheets

now we are putting the strip that we cut in the
rotary cutter in the die cutter

after putting in the die cutter see the
edge and place it correctly, and cut like this

we have cut the stickers

see the finishing and round corners

we have got the glossy finish
and waterproof quality

Now we take the sticker and remove
the release paper

We have printed the photo sticker
so it has release paper in its back

Now we place the back side of the
ID card like this

Slowly we paste this and pull the release paper

This sticker and the ID card holder are 54×86 millimetres
so that it correctly fits in it

and the ID card is ready now

The same methods are applied to make different
types of products

you just need to take different
types of printouts

If you want small size ID card you
must take the printout in that size

if you want keychains you have to take
the round layout printouts

If you want a tiffin key chain or belt buckles

you have to do it in this square layout which
is more popular in political party elections

similarly, if you are making the 25 x 55 millimetre
lunch bucket key chain

or hotel room key chain you have to
change the layout

its size is 25 x 55 millimetres with
margin and spacing

similarly, with a 22×71 millimetre ordinary die
cutter you can make the badged like this “HEAD PROFESSOR”


you can make these badges

If you want to make big-size badges you
have to design in the big template

Its size is 29 x 84 millimetres

like this printout comes in A4 size

and the last is retractor yo yo

Which comes in two sizes

the layout is like this

If you want all layouts you can message
through the WhatsApp number given below

so that we will share all the layouts

and this was our basic demo

This was the full process of how to make labels, stickers
using the photo sticker paper

using the Epson printers

afterwards, the product comes in
cold lamination machine comes

Then it goes to the rotary cutter for cutting

and in the last stage, it comes the die cutter

the process is the same and the method is the same

only the last step changes that are die
cutting method changes

The design printout from the computer changes

and the die size cutter you use
at the last changes

and the process in the middle all are same

The essential product in this all process
is photo sticker paper

and this was our full demo

and don’t forget to like, share and
subscribe this video

so that we know that we are doing well
and make many more videos like this

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on this website, you can order all the products online
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In case you want any enquiry or have any doubts
put the enquiry in the comment box below

and give your WhatsApp number,
from there we contact you

Thank you

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