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A3+ PVC Card Printer L18050 ❌L1800 Printer Smart Card Printer Studio Printer

A3+ PVC Card Printer L18050 ❌L1800 Printer Smart Card Printer Studio Printer

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Whatapp Us – | The Epson L18050 is an A3+ PVC card printer that is ideal for studio printing and smart card printing. It is not to be confused with the L1800 printer. Key features include high-quality printing, fast print speeds, and a user-friendly interface.


00:00 Intro
00:24 Previous model L1800
00:30 New model L18050
00:43 Difference between L18050 vs L1800
01:28 Unboxing of L18050
02:06 Accessories
02:40 About Ink (057)
04:05 Printer L18050
04:49 size L1800 vs L18050
05:25 Front ink tank
06:00 CD print tray
07:19 Remove all the tapes
08:26 Inserting the CD tray
09:05 Printing PVC card
09:53 Main features of this printer
10:56 Best model for Photo Studio
11:27 Next main features – WiFi
13:05 Papers you can print with this printer
14:54 Main advantages of L1805
15:20 Our Showroom


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products, I am

Abhishek Jain with Abhishek
Products, and today we are here

to pay tribute to Epson L1800,
we lost the Epson L805 model

within the last few days.

and now we are also losing our
L1800 model.

This is the last time you are
looking at this L1800 printer

and now its latest model has
arrived Epson L18050

now we look at what are the
features of this printer

There are two big differences
between L18050 vs L1800

The L1800 printer is of a very
large size took up a lot of

space, needed a lot of areas and
needed a big table, but while

our L18050 model is the latest
model is its size is very small.

The model looks like a box and
you can fit it inside a big

draw and hide it inside, no one
around will even know that you

have a printer.

They keep their machine
material and technology are hidden,

so if you think the same way,
then this printer is made for

you, so let’s start unboxing

Here, for many years, a month
has seen the trend that the

Epson company is making its
printers smaller and making

their carton’s solid, so that
they are taking the printers

space, which is the printer’s
space requirement or its

In transportation, the space of
the courier is greatly

reduced, which also reduces the
cost of courier and if you see,

there is a lot of difference in
the weight of L1800 and this is

our latest model.

And in both sizes, even more
than that, the standard comes

inside the printer, one of our

After that comes our standard.

cassette tray or CD tray which
is an upgrade from L1800

Here you are getting one
cassette tray and at the same

the time you are probably getting a
way to print PVC cards.

Next, you are getting a plastic
cover that you should cover the

builder so that the dust, and water,
doesn’t affect the printer. Next

comes our standard power cable.
Next comes our inks, it is a

matter of paying attention to
them here.

before that.

Before that, we got 673 inks

Here we are getting 057 inks,
so here we do not have to pay

the attention that the old models
are not compatible with this

printer and if you have
accidentally had old stock you

have thought of a new order.

I have taken it, I will put
this inside it, my expenses

will be saved, then you are
making a big mistake, your

warranty will be zero, so do
Do not make this mistake, put 057

ink inside this printer and if
you are putting this compatible

the ink inside the printer.

If you want to put other inks
put it after a year, when the

warranty is over anyway and if
you look at it in general,

these inkjet printers also
print at a very reasonable rate

and put comfort in it in good

I do not understand any logic,
so I do not even sell that

compatible ink and if you want
our products, then our website

and my WhatsApp number will be
found in the comment and

the description below and yes you
can do that.

this is our LC and cyan, then
comes the magenta

Light Magenta, then comes our
world famous yellow, this low

and black


Quite a lot

Now its time to take, the
the printer is lightweight,

very lightweight, in fact, I
would say that there are more

the weight inside the packaging box.

Many small.

So this is the size of the
printer while 1800

was double big and this printer
is lightweight, it is very

small, it will give very little
space, I am telling you the

truth, you can keep it inside
any cupboard or drawers, there

is no problem.

So let me start immediately by
telling you about the features

of this printer.

I try to explain to you that

How big or how big are its

we have put together here our

And here is

Epson L18050 Models This is its
box and this is its printer, so

you can see that the printer
which is very small, sleek,

will easily come inside your
cover and at the same time you

get inside it.

With this printer, you can use

capacity, of 270 GSM paper,
which is fed into Paper

Support tray behind

At the same time, you get the
ability to print LCM with six

colour tanks, which are very well
placed in the front, inside our

old model L1800, models the ink
were placed on the side, due to

which we got.

The biggest problem was that if
we ever had to check their

level and sit in front of our
laptop, then we had to lean

separately and see what our
levels were, but here you can

see their levels right in front
of you.

If you go, you can easily
refill, it is not a big gift,

this is just a small upgrade
that we should pay attention to,

the next is a CD printing tray
inside which you can probably

also do PVC card printing,
which I will tell you.

I will tell you how it will be

So this way you will get a the
CD printing tray, which is very

huge and you will open the

If you have seen my old video
in which I told about Epson

L805 model I think I had told
you about the same tray

With this tray, you can print PVC
card printing, you can also

print CD also and if you use it
properly, you can easily use it

for printing photo quality,
photo print, photo studio,

photo frame and posters for a
long time.

And if you are smart and follow
me, you can print a lot of AP

stickers, waterproof stickers,
ID cards, non-tearable stickers

and transparent stickers,
transparent paper, photos

stickers, thick photos stickers,
x-ray films.

And I have 8 items, you can
print it inside it, I will give

you an introduction at the end
of this video, but for now

let’s see how to put this tray

See if you will have a lot of
tape inside the printer, even

on the inside and outside,
whenever you start the printer,

use make sure you remove all
tapes if you take some time out

and do not remove some tape and
the inside taker remains.

Your printer will be damaged,
so make sure you remove tapes

which is quite easy

So here is a module of yellow
colour has come out, this is

just an exporting module, it
has no value, we are not a

the function of it, it is just for
you packaging material but you

can also keep it in it if you
are ever travelling in the future.

So if you are shifting your
shop, then you are shifting

your house, then you will find
this piece useful here on the

top, you see this blue colour,
we will also remove it slowly,

this is a blue colour tapes

How do they come out?

At tray is quite huge, a large
the tray is given, I will show you

So here you have the
sliding tray, it comes out in

this way, it is very good
and the standard tray has been

given to us

So if you want to put the CD
the tray inside it then put it

like this

That’s it and in this way you
have to put it inside and

inside when you give print
command from your laptop, the

PVC cards will be easily printed
for you, in this, you can print

You will get it through our
website and our WhatsApp,

similarly the CD of white colour
can be printed inside this tray,

there is no big market for this,
but you have to focus here on a


the second thing is a single side
PVC card printer

If you have to print a double
set card, whether it is a

double side normal card or a
double-side chip card, then a

chip card comes like a driving
license, you will also get it

with us, so if you have to
print it.

That is also possible inside it,
it also has a layout setting,

if you want to print double
side card you have to turn the

card back and put it back
inside it, then your work has

to be done twice.

You can print 100 PVC cards in
a day inside this printer.

It is possible because it is
made to print paper

the company has
given us a little bit of

possibility to print PVC card
in it, then this was it is basic

highlight, but it’s the main
function, or the main feature

is this.

Whether you have a big colour
lab like city colour lab, shape

colour lab or those who do
Scodix printing, they have a

printer worth crores of rupees
and they maintain it with AC,

Furniture is installed,
engineers are employed and the

regular operator maintains it,
you can use this printer to

challenge its quality.

You can start on a small scale.

Suppose you have to print 6×4
size photo paper, or A4 size


If you want to print a photo

recommend, I am recommending
that if you have a small scale

work and limited work, 30 print
per day, then this printer is

good, you can use the printer and
you can use it.

Another second model comes
L8180 which is a very good model,

as soon as it is a little
expensive, you can also use it

with it but this is very very

Good printer if you want to
photo frame photo studio and it

is the best in line comparing
to Canon or HP in my humble

opinion because it has been six
colour inside it.

The field roll that we have on
the feeders slip, so what is

inside it will not be easy for
you, it’s very good

recommendation from my side and
again, if you want to order

this printer, contact us

The next main feature inside
this printer is that

It also connects to Wi-Fi, so
if you have a mobile phone,

iPhone, Android, extra, extra
then you can print with your

the mobile phone also?

That’s a good option because you
are busy, the customer has less

time and sometimes your short
tempered ness does not allow us

to increase our productivity,
then you can print it from your

mobile phone too.

There is work, which does not
have much brain power, who has

very little education and knows
how to use a very basic phone

or you have a financial problem,
you can not afford a laptop but

you can do basic editing inside
the mobile.

You can make a good photo, then
you can also print it from your

laptop to tablet through Wi-Fi,
they do not consider it Wi-Fi

Also means Internet, then your
designer is sitting at home,

He designed a nice photo frame
of grandparents inside 18×12

and set a nice colour background
white background and from there

from there his house can send
print out to this printer and

you are

Owner of Shop You Don’t Need to
worry or bother

The print will come
automatically if you think of

your business, now in this
direction that if my designer

is taking a vacation, taking
half a day and he has a laptop

at home, then design from home

Will do it directly, I save ten
minutes, I save five

minutes, so this will
think of you in that direction

with these two labours, then you
can go further in my opinion.

So now let’s talk about the
next features we talked about.

We talked about what are the
basic features inside this


In this, you can print 4×6 size
paper 130gsm, 180gsm, 210gsm

and you can print all this but

along with this if you have an id

If you are working, you can
print the AP film, Dragon Sheet,

fusing sheet, fusing sheet
which is 300 microns, Dragon

The sheet which is 760 microns
and AP film which is 180 microns

you can print all three things,
but I recommend AP film and

fusing sheet and for ID card
you can print PVC cards which

is approximately760 microns

What can you print inside that
Sticker category?

So inside the sticker category
you can print inside130 gsm

sticker, 170gsm sticker next
category you can print

non-tearable waterproof AP
the sticker you can all so print

transparent sticker This is our
transparent sticker so you

can’t print a transparent sticker
inside it

You can also print transparent
paper inside it and you can

also, print a transparent sticker

Apart, from that?

You can print inside the AP
film you can print inside the

superb bright paper that is used.

which is used inside the LED
photo frames, we have a latest

product called Smart
Sticker which looks like something

like this.

So this is the smart sticker
and you can also print the

mobile skin, the printer is
comfortable with all these

products and the one which is
our X-ray film, these products

are also comfortable with it,
so here alone with you.

There have been eight side
businesses and your main photo

studio business is still
running, so this is the overall

EpsonL18050 model, it’s good
upgrade to L1800, the major

functions inside it are space

ink upgrade and off-course PVC
card tray, which was not in the

old model

The compatibility with all the
stickers I told you, its rate

is a bit similar to a lump sum
L1800, the rate keeps going

down a bit, every month
printers’ business of the

global chip shortages
everything but this is our

the small showroom is around

only one in the entire India which

focus on small businesses that
can small machines that can help

you grow and you can move
forward and we can also move

forward with you, our website is and I am


And if you like our products,
my efforts, my time in my

speaking style or my good Hindi
and bad Telugu, then write in

the comment below and if you do
high hello on WhatsApp, then

do it, inside the
description below.

You will get a link and if you
ever want to come to Hyderabad

please do visit us we will be
happy to show you our showroom

can you can visit the showroom you
can spend some time with us

and if you are tired you can
sit some times

So thank you and this is me
Abhishek and Hopefully you

Will meet in the unboxing of
the next printer

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