Hot Lamination, How To

Lamination Machine और डाई कटर के लिए स्पेयर पार्ट्स गियर्स, स्विच, हीटर लैंप और रॉड, मोटर, रोलर

Lamination Machine और डाई कटर के लिए स्पेयर पार्ट्स गियर्स स्विच हीटर लैंप और रॉड मोटर रोलर

Lamination Machine और डाई कटर के लिए स्पेयर पार्ट्स गियर्स, स्विच, हीटर लैंप और रॉड, मोटर, रोलर

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Lamination Machine के लिए उपलब्ध स्पेयर पार्ट्स की पूरी सूची जैसे हीटर रॉड ताप लैम्प्स लैमिनेशन मशीन मोटर्स मशीन पीसीबी सर्किट बोर्ड और मदरबोर्ड के साथ Lamination Machine गियर स्विच और ट्रांजिस्टर हम भी लैमिनेशन मशीन के लिए फीडर रोलर्स प्रदान करते हैं और आईडी कार्ड मरने वाले कटर के लिए अतिरिक्त बजाते हैं।


– समय टिकट –
00:00 – फाड़ना मशीन और डाई कटर के लिए स्पेयर पार्ट्स
00:26 – स्पेयर पार्ट्स का उपयोग क्यों करें
01:30 – स्पेयर पार्ट्स की सूची
02:28 – DCE हीटर रॉड्स
03:22 – भारी और मिनी मशीन में अंतर
04:12 – Lamination Machine हीटर लैंप
05:27 – Lamination Machine मोटर्स
06:20 – Lamination Machine PCB / सर्किट बोर्ड
06:55 – Lamination Machine गियर्स
07:40 – Lamination Machine स्विच
07:53 – Lamination Machine थेरिस्टर
08:20 – Lamination Machine रोलर्स
09:09 – स्पेयर पार्ट्स लेने के लिए नियम और शर्त
11:14 – आईडी कार्ड डाई कटर ब्लेड


Hello! welcome to all
Welcome to one more video of Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics
in today’s video, we are going to talk about
different types of important spare parts used in
used in different types of lamination machines
now we speak about these spare parts
the spare parts I am going to tell in this video
is used to upgrade your old machine
or to improve the quality of the old machine
or when the machine is not running
then you can use any of this spare parts to run the machine
you can order any of these spare parts and use the old machine again
we maintain stock of many spare parts for our customers
we also arrange spare parts and give them to customers
the spare parts I am going to tell are
which is frequently get damaged in the lamination machine
or used frequently
for that purpose we have made this dedicated video for you
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so let us start the video
In this video first I am going to tell about this heater rod
about this mini lamp and heavy lamp
next, we talk about the heavy motor and mini motor
Then we talk about the different types of gear used
and switches and thermistors used
then we talk about mini motherboard and heavy motherboard
then we talk about the mini feeder roller
and heavy-duty feeder roller
and at the end, we talk about the die cutter
at the end of this video, I will tell you about how to order this product
how to order this product
or if you want other products other than this
and how to communicate with us
all the details I will tell you at the end of this video
First, we talk about the heater rod
This heater rod is very common in the Delhi market and northeast market
Where the people like low-cost products
Where there is more competition market
there DC model heater rod and lamination machine is used
in that machine, this heater rod is used
this comes in the small size and it has a short life
and heating capacity is also low and it consumes more electricity
but it costs less, so in northern parts this is used the most
but in the southern market the lamp is sold the most
these are the 12-inch lamps
We have separate lamps for mini machines and heavy machines
First, we will tell you about what is mini machine and heavy machine
This is the meaning of mini and heavy machines
When I say heavy machine we say Excelam XL12 lamiantion machine
A3 Professional 330a
This is the Snnken lamination machine which is the heaviest model lamination machine
for doing ID card jobs
then comes the JMD XL12
Neha Lamination 550 and Neha laminator 440
There are also many more models I have written the popular names only
Then when I say about mini lamination machine
I say Excelam Eco 12
Snnkenn lamination 220
Neha lamination eco model
There are many models in the mini category
I have written only the popular models only
First, we talk about the mini lamps
This is best to laminate 25O microns lamination under mini machines
If you want this product we can’t send through the courier or transport
It is damaged easily while transporting
This is sold in our shops only
other items can be send through courier or transport services
we don’t like that you receive the broken product
so we don’t sell this product through a courier
and other is the heavy heater lamps
this comes with a set of two lamps with wire attached to it
if it is not attached to the wire don’t worry about it
we can join the wires
you have to give the connection correctly if it is connected with wires or without wires
This is the big lamp which can do upto 350-micron lamination easily
This can be replaced for only heavy machines
While we are talking about the heavy machines we talk about the motors
This is the mini motors with 50Hz capacity which runs on 220 volts of power
This motor is for mini machines
as this is small in size it uses less pressure and power
it pulls less load only
but when you buy heavy motor for heavy machine
you can laminate 250 and 350 microns easily
you can laminate 300 gsm and 400 gsm paper also
you can laminate 700 gsm of dragon sheet
when you laminate AP film it becomes 550 gsm
you can laminate all these items with this motor
and this machine is compatible with heavy machine category
next, we talk about the motherboard or circuit board or PCB
This small motherboard controls the whole machine
reverse forward control, temperature control, temperature cutoff
on, cold, of all the conditions are controlled by this motherboard
This is available for mini machines
this motherboard runs on 220v power
This motherboard is made for heavy machine
when we talk about heavy machines, it necessary to talk about the gears
with gears, only all the machine is working
and when one gear tooth is broken
then the motor gets damaged and the whole machine does not work
When you run the machine, gear is the most important part
The machine has three gears maximum
30 teeth, 29 teeth and 25 teeth
if you don’t know about teeth this is the teeth 1 2 3 4 5 6
we say this one piece as teeth and this piece has 25 teeth
similarly 29 and 30 teeth
if you want to order gears we have these gears
next comes the small switches
which is an on/off switch hot/cold switch
reverse/forward switch
it comes in two-pin and three pins
you can get these two types of switches
next comes the small thermistor
when you turn this temperature is controlled
this controls the voltage and machine knows how much heat is required
the wires from this go into the motherboard
from the motherboard, it goes to the motor
and tell the motor to spin slowly or fastly
to spin in a forward or reverse direction
so this is connected with one other
the motor is connected to the gear
and the gear is connected to the roller
we have two types of rollers
this is the mini roller which is thin
because this is thin this laminates 125 microns easily
we don’t recommend 250 microns or 350 microns
but when we supply heavy roller for heavy machines
this roller is fat
and it has good weight
this comes in two sets
with this, you can laminate 350 microns, 800-micron, 700-micron lamination easily
there is no difficulty in this
these all are the lamination spare parts
Next, we talk about the die cutters
but before going to that
you may think that all this spare parts have some scratches
some parts have oil in it or grease and look old
this is because
when you order this product you get in the same condition as you are looking
I am telling you about the condition of our parts
all parts are RC spare parts
we purchase in this condition and we sell this in the same condition
you have to order this product only after understanding the condition of this product
or you may get disappointed
so we want to tell two times about this
we sell these spare parts
the spare parts will be in the same condition
in some products, there will be a sticker removed or there will be no sticker at all
some products have grease in it some products may have scratches on it
we give this product after testing and it will be in 100% working condition
if you order lamps we don’t supply through the courier
this product can be sold through our shops only
because this is a glass product
some customers take risk
and say to send the lamp through courier
we send for them but the term and conditions are like this
If you want to order motherboard or gear or any items
In this video, we have shown the product condition fully
if your machine parts match with our spare parts you can buy this product
if you have confidence that two products are the same
then you can order this product at
I have given the link below the description
The last product we are going to talk about the die cutter blade
this is a high-demand product
daily someone will ask for this product
now in every street, there is an ID card shop or xerox shops
there you can see this ID card cutter
most of people buys the 250 microns die cutters
if you don’t know what is 250 microns die cutter I have made a video for that and the link is in the description
so this is the blade for 250 microns die cutter
this is the blade for 250 microns die cutter
the back side is like this
the front side is like this
it has brownish coating colour over it
you will get like this
a screw is fitted at the back here
this blade goes to and fro when cutting and the cutting is done with this
so we say this as a die cutter blade
we have more spare parts other than this
there are more items that we give according to the customers’ demand
we search for that part and give it to the customers so that the investment in the product is not lost
so that the machine runs again in low-cost or low investment
if you want other than these spare parts
So I am going to give a WhatsApp number below in the description
you can WhatsApp through that number
send the photo of the machine and the spare parts needed
so that only we can tell that the product is available with us
is there any possibility to arrange the product
then only we can give details of that product
if you have any doubts about this video type below the YouTube comment section
if you have any suggestions also type below the comment section
Thank you for watching the video
we will meet again with new concept and a new product
Thank you!

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