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Types of Thermal Visiting Card Roll to Roll Lamination Machine Buy @

Types of Thermal Visiting Card Roll to Roll Lamination Machine Buy @

Types of Thermal Visiting Card Roll to Roll Lamination Machine Buy @

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Roll To Roll Laminator is loaded with features. Digital Display, Lesser Warm-Up Time, Light signals when the machine is ready, special rollers for uniform and bubble free lamination, Hot and Cold lamination and reverse function, temperature control system, and Light Weight Plastic body with smart looks. You can do both side lamination at the same time by using two Thermal lamination rolls i.e. one above and one below. Used in Thermal Lamination.


00:00 – Types of Thermal Visiting Card Roll to Roll Lamination Machine
00:10 – Basics Of Thermal Visiting Card Lamination Machine
00:50 – What is Visiting Card Lamination/ Thermal Lamination
01:50 – Rubber Roller Roll To Roll Lamination Machine
02:34 – Things you can Laminate in Roll to Roll Thermal Machine
03:26 – Differnce Between Steel and Rubber Roller
04:00 – Why Steel Roller is Better
04:47 – Benefits of Steel Roller Machine
05:39 – Heating Time For Steel Roller
06:00 – Higher Shelf Life Of Steel Roller
09:01 – Other Products Used With Roll to Roll Thermal Lamination Machine


Hello everyone, and welcome to Abhishek
  products by S.K.Graphics I am Abhishek Jain

and today we are going to see the two
  types of visiting card lamination machines

this is the visiting card lamination machine

this looks like this and this is also called
  roll to roll lamination machine

This runs in normal electricity plug

for this no special type of
the electric power outlet is needed

the machine looks like this and when you set the
roll inside the lamination machine

it looks like this

In this machine, you can do the two-side lamination
  in a single pass

the normal lamination machine looks like this

In these machines, pouch lamination is done
  not the visiting card lamination

if you do not know what
a visiting card lamination is,

it looks like this

visiting card lamination is skinny or
  very thin

this is thinner than the paper

a coating is applied on the visiting card
and it is called visiting card lamination

it is also called thermal lamination

it is also called glossy lamination

some people say it is hot lamination
  it is wrong

it is called thermal lamination

or it is called visiting card lamination,

it is very thin, it is about 23 or
  27 microns

  it is transparent and thin

you can see the content behind it also

it has a roll at the top side, and
  a roll at the bottom.

the paper passes through the centre

the lamination starts from the top and bottom side
  pass through the centre, then makes the coating

like this, this product works

we have two types of this machine

the first type we call rubber by
  rubber roller

the second type of machine we have looks
  like this

it is called steel by rubber roller

on the top side has a steel roller and a
  the rubber roller is placed on the bottom side

this small difference makes a difference in
the quality of the product as night and day

So to understand what is the fundamental
difference between both the machines

if you do visiting card works,

then first you have to print the visiting
  card on a laser printer or a digital printer

you have to print visiting card in300gsm
or non-tearable media or PVC sheet

  whose size is 13×19, 12×18 or A3

this machine of ours

inside this 13×19 lamination goes easily

This way it will feed from the front

there are two rubber rollers on the top and bottom

rubber in the sense it’s a silicone roller

this roller is heated and with that heat

this lamination film is pasted on the
  visiting card when heated

then the visiting card is cut with manual
  A3 size paper cutter

the quality of the visiting card while laminating
  is determined by

the quality of the rubber

The weight of this machine is about
  25 to 30 kg plus

due to its weight being good,

the visiting card is well laminated
  with good pressure

but pressure and temperature both are very
  important for quality

pressure problem is solved by the rubber

the quality of silicon is good, but
  steel is better than silicon

why? because in silicon after one or two

slowly small scratches will appear on the silicon

then after Four-Five Years of this
Silicone Roller slowly develops cracks

at that time spare parts of the machine
  must be changed

otherwise, scratches and cracks will be formed
  more on the visiting cards

when there are some scratches on the roller

if you have scratches on the roller then that
  scratches will also affect the visiting card

this will reduce the quality slowly and
  the customer will not be happy with that

for this purpose, we required a steel roller

because the scratches do not
come easily over the steel rollers,

scratches will also come on the steel roller

but we have given a chromo coating
  over the steel roller

chromo coating means the shiny part over
  the steel roller

this reflective surface is called chromo coating

in the chromo coating, the scratches will
  not come easily

if it comes, it comes slowly in small

scratches come quickly in silicon rubber
  it decreases the life of your machine

in the silicon rubber, some cracks are formed
  after some time and pit also

because this is made of steel scratches will
  not come on this because it’s steel

so that the machine quality and product
  quality is maintained

first Benefits Quality

the second benefit is this steel roller is made
  of chrome coating

its temperature rises quickly
  it’s heated quickly

it consumes less of your electricity

so that your production is also fast

first quality, second benefit production

the third benefit is self-life

You have this laser printer ok

you have printed it above with the
  laser printer

many times the lamination roll ends
  at the time of feeding

or there is a problem in the middle and
it is due to the toner of the laser machine

which sticks over the roller

because of that spots form on the roller

spots will appear slowly in the
  visiting card also

now who will buy the spot-affected lamination

what you have to do is

buy the cleaning spirit

rub with the cotton cloth over the rubber

so that stain over the rubber roller
  will be removed

now you have removed the stain

but when you rub the roller

when you rub with soft material then
you are putting a scratch on it

then its life gradually decreases because

there must be scratches or spots

scratches are better than spots

you have to choose

this is a common problem, many of them

it’s the common problem when you
  buy machines from us or any others

this is a common problem you have to
  face. which I am telling you in advance

this is the problem, it reduces
  the self-life of your product

But the same if you take a
steel roller with a chrome coating

then you can also take a
look at what happens in it

slowly the spots appear

because there is chrome coating above it
  the spots forming are less

The second thing, if you clean the roller with
  cleaning sprit

when you clean the rubber with cloths

then very few scratches come on it
  comparing rubber roller

you are getting quality and production speed
  in this machine with this product

and also the self-life

All these benefits are in the steel

and on rubber roller both the
the machine is very good

both the machine is heavy duty

the difference is that one has
rubber roller and the other has a steel roller

if your budget allows then I would say always
  take steel roller

because both of the machines are
  almost same

  the difference is the metal roller

the cost difference between the
  two is about Rs.5000

in the silicon roller and steel roller

so it is better to spend Rs.5000 on it

when the machine is Rs.30,00 or Rs.40,000

what is in Rs.4000 or Rs.5000 in it, because
  you are doubling the life of the machine

the cost is also less, in terms of
  temperature electricity

this is the small education video from me
  to all of you

this type of machine is good for
visiting card lamination

and the machines I showed you

visiting card lamination machine

this can also laminate gold foil rolls

we have different colours of gold
  foil rolls

using this gold foil you can print
  golden prints

  silver print, pink print and also

over the transparent paper

up to 13×19 size

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  about many more products

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